Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast - 3 of the Most Effective Exercises to Use!

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If you want the best exercises to lose weight - then you just have to consider a combination of high intensity Interval Training And Multi Joint Strength Training! These two combination are the most effective, and best of all, will not require much of your precious time away from home! Below are three simple examples - Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast - 1.
Alternate between upper and lower body exercise to lose weight fast - this allows you to work harder and longer, since your upper body rests while your lower body works, and vice versa.
For example, push ups followed immediately by squats.
By using this method to maintain the highest intensity for the duration of your workout (which should not be more than 30 minutes), you will ensure better fat loss results.
According to The Truth About Abs, long boring cardios are not effective.
Instead you should limit your cardio to 20 minutes or less at a time, after your weight workout.
Too much cardio too often can cause you to use muscle for energy instead of fat, which defeats the purpose.
Hence, the best exercises to lose weight fast are variable aerobic training - for example, sprint 30 seconds, then walk 1 minute and repeat again for a duration of 20 minute.
Now this kind of training will boost your metabolism more during and after a workout has completed! 3.
For the best results, use these exercises to lose weight - combine your variable aerobic training and super set strength training in one session, three times a week.
Not only will you lose body fat, you will build muscle at the same time!
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