Menopausal and after Pregnancy Weight Gain

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With pregnancy comes hormonal change and with hormonal change of any kind, comes excess weight gain. It's very common to see a new mom strolling around with new baby and lots of parts "jiggling" as she walks past. The blush of new baby often means that all this new weight, which is very tiring to carry around, gets accepted and "I'm too busy anyway" and gets left.
Time passes, baby starts growing up, and although a little weight has dropped off, you're well above what could be described as your perfect weight and form. Another pregnancy maybe; more weight? It now gets harder to get some control over your bodies shape. With all the work looking after a house, kids and going out to work, trying to find time for you is a mental impossibility.
Or is it?
And when you do find some time, all you want to do is sit down, put your feet up and maybe grab a few minutes sleep to catch up on what gets missed.
The next little story is true and it brings home the ratio of those that do and those that don't.
I know a family of three brothers and a sister, all married, all with kids except the youngest brother whose wife was pregnant. Come the happy occasion and a new baby boy to the youngest brother and wife. Two weeks later there was a family gathering of some sort and everyone turned out, and when the new mom and baby arrived all the ladies hurried over to greet new bub.
But there was a very obvious pause as they hurried to the door. All the older moms (by about 1 or 2 years) were carrying a bit of matronly bulk and the new mom looked trimmer than before she became pregnant.
Quite a bit of envy was on show.
The only difference was the new mom had decided, before she went to hospital, that she was not going to hate the shape she saw in the mirror in one year's time.
No, she wasn't a new mom that just stayed home and worked out.
This lady had a high powered position with a multi-national electronics company and did quite a lot of world travel, ran her home without much husband help and looked after a sick mother. Mindset. She made a decision to do something whereas the other mothers at the family gathering were always "too busy" to do anything about looking after themselves.
They made all the normal excuses and just went up a dress size or three.
Don't fall into the trap of just accepting. Don't let anyone else try to talk you back down to their level. You'll be surprised at some of the nasty remarks you'll get when you decide to get into shape. Take no notice. It's your body and your life. It's more difficult to make the decision to do something about your weight and self esteem than it is to actually do an exercise program. Making the decision is the hardest part.
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