How Anyone Can Manifest Anything!

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My mother taught me how to teach others about the power of the mind.
By learning how to teach her, I learned how to communicate essential wealth-building ideas to others.
Many years ago, she worked as an employee in an insurance company.
Her low salary pinned her to a fixed income.
Trapped in her cubicle, she held little hope for change.
With Christmas only a month away, she was upset.
Normally, a generous soul, she did not know how to face the season of giving.
She could barely pay her many bills, let alone buy everyone in our family presents.
I asked her what she would do if she could attract $25,000 for Christmas.
I told her that it is possible to create anything with the mind.
I told her that she could create wealth.
I told her that she had the power to create miracles if her faith was strong enough.
After much skepticism, she humored me by telling me all the things she would buy.
I then talked to her about how the great religious teachers of the past taught the principles of manifestation.
Jesus Christ spoke about it in the Sermon on the Mount.
The Buddha spoke about it in the Dhammapada.
Krishna spoke about it in the Bhagavad-Gita.
I pointed out how many of the esoteric traditions also mentioned it.
In the Kabbalah teachings, in Sufism, and in Shamanism many rich illustrations hinted at the power of mind over matter.
Today, the science of quantum mechanics mathematically and experimentally demonstrates how thoughts influence matter.
During my enthusiastic exposition, her eyes glazed over as I spoke.
Finally, out of desperation, I focused on keeping things very simple, and very practical.
Since she is a great cook, I gave her specific, doable instructions in a recipe book format.
At Christmas time, when I showed up at the house, everything looked different.
Signs of affluence colored the room like a rainbow.
I saw a brand new Persian carpet, a big fish tank, and a whole assortment of kitchen gadgets.
Everything on her list was now in the house!And, yes, she had plenty of presents for everyone.
This was her remarkable story: She practiced the ideas I taught her.
After a time, they made her feel better.
She did them because it gave her hope.
As she did them, she noticed no change in her mind or her life.
Still, she persisted (if only to prove her pedantic son wrong!) One day, she felt an urge to invest in her company's stock options.
Suddenly, the market went bearish for a few weeks and she made a modest fortune.
She sold her stocks for exactly $25,000! This weird story changed both our lives.
She practiced the principles of manifestation from then on, and I worked on refining them and teaching them.
To this day, I still don't understand the stock market.
My mother didn't fully understand it, either.
She was just happy to follow her intuition.
Incidentally, today, my mother runs her own insurance company.
(And, yes, she is an even better cook now that she has an army of culinary robots working for her.
) This was the beginning of my teaching others to make money simply by thinking about wealth in a specific way.
Through this incident, I accidentally stumbled upon a method to teach anyone how to manifest what they needed.
Later on, I manifested a scholarship that enabled me to follow my dream of going to graduate school for psychology.
And today I have enjoyed the materialization of this website to share my knowledge with others; although when I first started I didn't have a clue about web design or marketing.
I just manifested the right people and technical education and software tools to make it happen.
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