Who Defines You?

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Who defines you? Do you allow society or fear the gift of creating who you are? You are always in the driver's seat of your life.
I will rephrase the question - what one word most defines who you are? What is your answer? Are you happy with that? If you are happy with that, congratulations, GOOD JOB! If you're not happy with your answer, guess what? GOOD JOB too - now you know what you don't like so you can work towards what you do like.
Isn't it interesting how we can get caught up in "keeping up with the Jones'" and trying to make sure that we fit in? Remember what it was like to be a kid? To have that freedom? Where you just went out to play and didn't care what you looked like or how you sounded - you just wanted to be happy.
What a wonderful expression of pure spirit.
Children come in like that and it is unfortunate that soon into their lifetime they become surrounded with expectations and limitations.
What could life be like if we could keep that same childhood innocence? That same passion and confidence? Wouldn't that be empowering? When a baby comes into this world - they expect all their needs to be met.
They expect when they are hungry to be fed - when they are wet to be changed - when they are tired to get rest.
They thoroughly believe that the universe will provide what is necessary - this is what they manifest.
It is when things like fear and doubt come in that these beliefs become clouded and sometimes disappear all together.
You have the blessing of being a spirit in this physical form, in this physical plane where you can experience duality.
And let's talk about that subject - "duality".
On the other side of the veil, duality does not exist which is why we come here to experience it.
We get to learn what good AND bad are - what darkness AND light is- everything on both sides of the spectrum.
How can you truly come to appreciate the goodness if you do not know what the opposite is? If you only tasted bitterness in your life you would not know what sweetness truly was.
Not only do you get to play on this field of duality, but you also have the gift of free will; Free will to decide what your choices are, what your lessons are, and what your motivation is.
No one can control your thoughts, your feelings or your reactions unless you allow them to control them.
We are incredibly powerful beings - did you HEAR that? WE ARE INCREDIBLY POWERFUL BEINGS.
We can allocate that power however we so choose.
We can give it away to others, allowing them to control certain aspects of ourselves, or we can stand in our own power.
It is merely a choice - a decision, and one that is ever so simple to make.
How DO you define yourself? Are you looking outside yourself for approval and acceptance? Or are you in alignment with your spirit? What makes you feel good about yourself? When you look in the mirror, do you like the reflection staring back at you? These are all important questions to ask yourself.
Get in touch with the REAL you, the AUTHENTIC you - your soul, your spirit.
You've made the choice to come down here and play this game.
You've earned all your stripes and battle scars - why keep hiding? Do you want to wait until you cross over to truly experience the wonderment of your spirit? You can feel that now and share it with others.
All it takes is your intention.
Allow yourself the freedom of being in your own power, of defining yourself - not what everyone else expects of you, or what you think they expect of you.
Try that on for size and see what it feels like.
I know you will be pleasantly surprised!
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