Salon Beauty Treatments

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    Skin Care and Beauty

    • Beauty salons offer various services to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Facials are multi-step procedures often performed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, purging pores of dirt and oil. Health Beauty Salon suggests you make sure that the person performing the facials is a licensed esthetician. Many salons also offer hair removal, which is usually done by waxing, tweezing or a technique called threading, which involves pulling the hair out with thread. These techniques work well for removing hair from the eyebrows, face and body. Body treatments like massages and wraps are offered by some salons, but these are more often provided spas. According to Health Beauty Salon, some salons also offer tattoo removal. Makeup artist services, like application and advice, are offered at some salons as well.

    Manicures and Pedicures

    • Manicures and pedicures are salon treatments that improve the appearance of the hands, feet and nails. For a manicure, a nail technician often massages the hands, dips them in a softening wax, applies lotion, cleans and trims the nails, and applies nail polish or fake nails to enhance the beauty of the fingernails. For a pedicure, a nail technician often massages the feet and calves, applies softening treatments and wraps, indulges the feet in foot baths, trims and shapes the toenails, and applies nail polish. It is important that nail technicians keep work area and foot baths clean because, according to Fox News, infected pedicure baths and manicure tools can cause infections.

    Hair Care

    • Most salons offer services to enhance the hair's beauty. These services include cutting and shaping the hair, cleansing the hair, highlighting and coloring the hair, adding hair extensions, and providing treatments that improve the health of the hair, as well as offering hair styling and straightening procedures. As technology has improved, more treatments and products have become available to improve the beauty and condition of the hair, like conditioning hair masks, and straightening techniques like Brazilian hair straightening. According to Elle, Brazilian hair straightening involves the use of heat and keratin, sealing the hair cuticle while doing little damage to the hair.

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