Top Ten Diet Plans - A Fun New Way to Diet Hop!

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Obesity today is a worldwide phenomenon affecting a large number of people all across the globe.
Even children have not been spared and obesity among kids is rising alarmingly.
Obesity is the second largest preventable killer of Americans, right next to smoking! Unfortunately this crisis is not often understood by the public.
I lost weight and now am trying to help others do the same.
I know what it's like, so here is the best advice you might ever hear.
The key for me was to make it fun.
There are so many boring diet programs, or truly excruciating programs, which ultimately failed because I would bounce back to my regular routine.
Once I made "eating" a new lifestyle of fun, it became so much easier to cook better food, to follow a diet, to lose weight.
I stopped trying to religiously follow one diet till it killed me, and instead thrived on change.
By constantly changing and varying my diet routines, it kept me interested, motivated, and having fun! I no longer felt bad when I stopped a diet, because a new one was right there waiting! The transition was smooth and I continued to lose weight.
What I discovered was totally by accident.
By constantly changing your diet plan, you find out what you like, and constantly lose weight because you're not ruining the transitions between diets! Here are a couple of diets I've tried! Over the years, a large number of weight loss techniques have come up.
The top ten diet schedules include The Structure House Weight Loss Plan, The Step Diet, Weight Watchers diet, The EatingWell Diet, The Volumetrics Eating Plan, The Best Life Diet, The Solution, You: On a Diet, The Sonoma Diet and The Spectrum diet.
Some of these diet charts aim at lowering the calorie intake, some aim at increasing the calorie burning capacity of the system, while there are some, which focus on negative calorie foods.
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