Successful Weight Loss Now - What Are You Prepared to Do to Lose Weight Today?

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Lets assume that you already accept that you have to exercise in order to lose weight in a safe sustainable manner.
Of course you could lose weight in the next 2 days if you stop eating but that wouldn't last past your next ravenous catch meal with fries on the side.
So What is your best way to exercise? The answer to this question is often addressed in 350 page books which reek of research and authority.
But the simple answer is that the best exercise for you is the exercise that you will actually do! All the exercise programmes and all the books and all the experts and all the gym memberships in the world won't make a zot of difference if you won't do them! The majority of people who are overweight either don't like exercise or they did in the past but after they became too busy, they put on weight and now exercise is too hard.
So what will you do? What are you prepared to do today? We've already agreed that you have to exercise in order to lose weight.
And you do want to lose weight so I ask again what are you prepared to do today, and tomorrow and the next day! I don't want to harass you but I do want to get you to think about what you are prepared to do and then commit to doing it.
Remember if you commit to a little you will get a little result! Let's explore some examples.
One woman achieved her weight loss by walking around the cloths line in her backyard, over and over and over.
She didn't want anyone to see her.
I have had clients, who agreed to walk to their front gate several times a day, then down the street a short distance just a little, then more and more.
I know one women who took on a cleaning job just to be active.
She still paid someone to clean her own home as she didn't like doing it.
She realised that it was the only way she was going to active every day, and she made some cash.
Are you prepared to take the stairs instead of the lift? Are you prepared to do your housework at a faster rate.
Are you prepared to walk faster to your train or office? Are you prepared to add more salad and avoid the fries for your lunch? Are you prepared to take a stand with your family and through the junk food out of your cupboard? Did you know you are running a eating and exercise program in your mind right now.
It's time to wipe that program and decide what you will do and stick to it.
You don't have to go crazy.
Wipe the program every couple of weeks and increase what you are willing to do.
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