How to Rediscover What Makes YOU Flow

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In order to truly live the life we are destined to live in our second half, we need to rediscover what makes us flow.
As you know, our second half is not a time to sit back and watch the world go by.
Our second half is when we take our prior knowledge, open our awareness to what's next and explore those opportunities that we used to love to do.
According the Mark Walton from Boundless Potential, we first need to find our fascination, then discover or rediscover what makes us flow and then develop a plan to live the life we are meant to live NOW - not the life we were living in our 20's or 30's.
This is a new time - a second chance.
According to many neuroscientists, as we age, our brains are programmed to reinvent, not retire.
Over the past 10 years, neuroscientists have studied the brains of numerous mid-lifers and have discovered that the brain has the capacity to remodel itself to become stronger as we mature and when we step it up a notch in our second half, we'll begin to notice hidden talents and skills we didn't know -- or maybe forgot -- we had in order to begin our own reinvention.
So let me ask you...
What did you used to do that was fun? What ignited you?What distracted you from all other things? Did you always have a dream to do something, but your "career" got in the way? What can you do to make a difference?What truly matters to you? Can you make a difference in other people lives? Let's use my sister, B, for as an example.
Growing up B had her head in a book all the time.
She has probably read more books than any other person I know, she would even read a few at a time.
B studied Psychology in college, but a few years after she graduated college she was married and taking care of my three brilliant, adorable nieces.
She had a few different jobs over the next 20 or so years from paralegal, secretary in a hospital, and a few others that I can't remember at this moment.
When she approached her mid-40's she knew something was missing - her passion and flow had been pushed aside.
Her dream was to open a local book store/coffee shop, but unfortunately, finances kept that from happening.
Examining her life, doing some soul searching and remembering what her passions were and what brought her the most joy, I'm proud to say after A LOT of hard work and determinationis received her Masters in Library Sciences at the age of 48 and is now the Children's Librarian at her local Library.
My nieces often tease her saying "OK, Mom, you love to read, you read about three books at a time, you love to help people and talking to all different types of people brings you great happiness - now I think I'll be a paralegal in the back end of a law firm.
Oh, wait maybe I should be a librarian - that probably makes more sense.
Good choice, Mom"...
Who didn't see that! I know for a fact, B loves what she does - she is surrounded by a multiple of books (her passion), she is of service to others (paying it forward) and brings the joy of reading to little minds.
She took what she loved as a child, the thing that distracted her from all other things and at the ripe ole age of 50-something goes to work every day with her head held high and her heart open to the goodness of others.
And, please allow me to add that I am very proud of B and her exceptional accomplishments.
She is the perfect role model for her adult daughters.
They should only live by the fine examples she sets each day.
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