You Have Been Programmed to be Overweight

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You Have Been Programmed to be Overweight.
Throughout the day you are having many conversations with yourself.
I'm talking about the internal self talk that in most people never stops.
Some of this talk is harmless such as "I need to get some milk today" Some of this internal chatter is positive, such as "I'm going to do great today.
" But much of your internal dialog is filled with self-criticism.
We say things like; "You look fat in that shirt", "Why can't I lose weight".
You might not be aware of it but the self-talk and degree of emotion behind the self-talk concerning your weight and your body actually influences and creates your body.
I'm sure some of you have had the experience where you thought yourself sick or well.
You might have been around someone who was sick and you might have said to yourself something like "I know I'm going to get sick now" Perhaps some of you have just the opposite experience.
You might have felt something coming on and you might have said something like; "I'm not going to allow myself to get sick" only to shake off the illness.
How does this happen?All of our self-talk, every feeling we experience, every thought we have, is sending messages to our cells.
Our cells are receiving all of it and the more we repeat a given thought or the more emotional the thought the more effect it has over our cells.
The more positive your attitude concerning your health, the less likely you are to become ill.
This is the reason that if you are ill, a positive attitude plays a critical roll in your ability to get well.
"You may not think that you can talk to your DNA, but in fact you do continually.
Thinking happens at the level of DNA, because without the brain sending out a neuron-peptide or other messengers, there can be no thought.
Everything in life pours out of DNA, flesh, bones, blood, heart and nervous system; a babies first word and a toddlers first step; the maturing of reason in the babies cortex; the play of emotions, thoughts, and desires that flicker like summer lighting through every cell.
" -Dr.
Deepak Chopra The thoughts and emotions you are constantly communicating to your cells.
Your cells act on that communication.
Your cells manifest what you are communicating to them.
So what are some of the things you are communicating to your cells? Do any of these sound familiar? -"I am so fat" -"If I see food I gain 20 pounds" -"It doesn't matter what I do, I can't lose weight" -" I'll never be thin" Every thought you have, every emotion you feel creates string of chemical events within your body.
There chemical events communicate to your cells how they are to respond.
Your cells respond to your every thought without exception.
I'm sure you know somebody who can eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce.
This is explained away by saying that they have a fast metabolism.
But have you ever wondered how they developed a fast metabolism and you didn't? What do you think their internal belief system is? What do you think they say to themselves concerning their body and weight? So what should you do about it? Begin by monitoring your thoughts.
Recognize all the negative thoughts you have throughout the day and begin to turn them around by repeating an affirmation to replace the negative thought.
For example if you say to yourself; -"I am fat" replace it with "I choose to feel lighter and healthier.
" "If I see food I gain 20 pounds" replace it with "I choose to believe that I can be around food and lose weight at the same time.
" Your new self-talk must be stated positively.
Don't say things like "I don't want to be fat anymore" or "I wish I could stop overeating.
"These kinds of statements only reinforce the idea that you are fat and out of control.
You should formulate your thoughts so that you are always expressing the most positive essence of what you're striving for It's more then just saying the words or thinking the thoughts.
The thoughts and words need to be accompanied by positive feelings.
You need to believe the positive thoughts and feel positive when you are thinking or saying them.
Sometimes this is difficult to do but with a little tweaking of the words you can create a thought that you can believe.
For example you might have trouble believing a statement like; "I can lose all the weight I want.
" But with a little tweaking you can create a statement that is believable such as; "I choose to believe that I can find a way to lose all the weight I desire.
Your thoughts and emotions are the programs that create who you are and who you are going to become.
By repeating negative thoughts over and over again you have been programming your cells to respond in such a way that created your current body.
Practice positive programming and create the body you desire.
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