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It has been quite sometime now since I made the decision to go green – to change to a lifestyle that is natural and has the least possible impact on our planet. Agreed that this has not been easy, with most of the things that we use adding to the toxic waste that seems to be slowly engulfing our planet. Whether it is food, or for communication, for travel, or for even simply general personal care – till a few years ago, the more we used them, the more we added to the carbon footprint. However, after lots of introspection, and lots of information searching (through newspapers, articles, and online), I have managed to completely change the way I used to dress, travel, and even cook (now, organic, natural is the in thing with me!).

One thing that always bothered me was the personal care items that we used within my family. Like any other family here, we too have been using the popular ones offered by leading cosmetics brands and I desperately wanted to change this. Apart from the fact that I wanted to go green for an environment-friendly lifestyle, another very important reason has been the awareness regarding the health hazards that the chemical-based cosmetics and other non-organic personal care items carry.

I personally believe that opting for eco-friendly alternatives such as organic personal care items is the only way ahead. And now, it is not that difficult to do so, with plenty of organic, natural personal care alternatives readily available in the market. So, whether you are looking for organic deodorants, organic hair care products, natural lip care items, organic soaps, shower items and other toiletries, organic body lotions, organic skin protections, and even oral care products, there are a plethora of organic options to choose from. Also, with awareness regarding the health hazards that chemical based cosmetics pose, even the mainstream, popular cosmetics brands seems to have rose to the occasion and are now offering high quality organic and nature-based alternatives.

Normally, I shop for online for the personal care items that we generally require in the family. Luckily I no more have to rely on few select places as the Green Awareness spreads – since now I am able to get the best quality nature based, organic personal care products with ease, after all; there are so many retailer sites selling organic now.

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