Is the Power of Positive Thinking Annoying?

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Have you noticed that when you're really upbeat, feeling great about life, and walking around with a smile on your face that some people give you a strange look? Have you also noticed that a lot of people are quite negative? And they almost seem to thrive on negativity? With these people, the power of positive thinking is like a foreign language.
Think about most business environments.
There's a lot of gossip that goes on-in other words, people talking about others to third parties, enrolling and engaging them in the negativity, judgment, and criticism, rather than addressing issues directly with the person concerned.
These willing participants look for what's wrong with everyone and then find a partner in crime and dissect these obvious flaws together.
Nothing ever gets resolved this way, of course, but there's almost a weird pleasure they derive from it.
Needless to say, this is truly poison in any office environment and causes a lot of damage.
When you're walking around happy with life and loving everything about it, it's easy to understand how this could be annoying to those who are focusing on what's wrong and different - in other words, on the negative.
This is because they cannot fathom what you're so happy about, and your behavior is so foreign to them you seem like an alien! And they will keep trying to undermine your high spirits and bring you down so you're one of them.
This is the reason it's so important to be selective about who you surround yourself with.
If you're the business owner, it's essential to create your team so that people deal with each other directly if there's an issue.
And then only if the issue can't be settled between the two of them would they come to you to get it resolved.
This is a much more grown up, constructive, and effective way to operate as a team.
Is the power of positive thinking annoying? The power of positive thinking is only going to be annoying to those who don't think and function that way.
So in your business, when you're going through the hiring process, look for the key skills and qualities that will be an excellent fit:
  • an upbeat demeanor,
  • great communication skills,
  • a problem solver (vs.
  • and great charisma, to name a few.
And invite the members of your team who tend towards the negative to come on board and focus on the positive, so that there is an aligned culture company wide.
Also in your own life outside the business, really pay attention to who you surround yourself with.
This doesn't mean excommunicate your family members because they're negative! Your family is your family forever and they're important.
However, what it does mean is to be mindful about how much you let them affect you.
If you have some less than positive family members, pay attention to how influenced you are by their negativity and don't let that happen.
Perhaps you limit the amount of time that you see them.
But it's more about you having domain over yourself.
Have you ever noticed that when you go back home and see your family or old friends that you revert right back to the person you used to be in the relationship? Choose your friends wisely too.
It's great to have friends for life, but as you grow, you might also find new friends who are a better fit with who you are now.
Surround yourself with the kind of people who support, uplift and inspire you.
Stay away from or limit those who bring you down or sabotage you.
The best people to keep in your close circle are those who happily join with you in the power of positive thinking.
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