Psychic Dreams - The Weird Truth About The Spiritual Dreams MOST of Us Will Never Remember

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Have you ever had a recurring dream that made no sense..
and yet you continued to have it, month after month or even year after year? What does it mean? Is your subconscious desperately trying to tell you something? And if dreams have no real meaning..
but are only random firings of neurons in our brains that have no underlying significance, WHY do so many of us have so many of the same dreams, over and over? Even more perplexing? Why do MILLIONS of ordinary people have extraordinary experiences with precognitive dreaming..
where things we see in our slumbering minds, come TRUE hours or days or even years later? Some people believe that everyone has precognitive dreams and that most of us simply don't remember them.
As a matter of fact, the psychic dream "counselor" that I use believes that many of us actually have a series of incredible experiences while we sleep that we don't remember when we awake, and that those experiences are truly the gateway into a wonderful world of spiritual truths and exciting inspirations that only a fraction of us will ever know.
Here are a few examples: 1 - Out of body and astral projection experiences.
Many psychic practitioners believe that when we sleep, our "true selves" or conciseness is freed from the confines of our physical bodies, and is able to travel freely in unseen spiritual worlds, collecting information, having experiences and actually encountering other people, places and things that become embedded deep in our subconscious.
Believe it or not, as hokey as this may sound to YOU, much of the worlds population believes this as well, as astral projection and the "bardo realms" is a well accepted truth in most Eastern religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and other spiritual traditions that believe in the attainment of "siddhi's" or psychic and supernatural powers.
2 - Spiritual Visitation Experiences These happen most frequently to people who have lost a loved one, and are visited by that loved one in spiritual form..
often either in deep sleep, or in the weird in between state that happens between light sleep and being fully awake.
(often called a hypnogogic state) More than 75% of parents who lose a child at a young age will have this experience.
About 50% of men or women who lose a spouse will have this experience as well.
There is also a well known phenomena called "crisis apparitions" or "after death communications" which also takes place in the dream state..
and is where someone who has JUST passed away, or only recently crossed over (often with the person dreaming NOT knowing about it yet) will appear in a dreamlike vision to tell you not to worry, that they are "okay" and often to say goodbye.
This happened to ME many years ago, and was the key experience that changed me from a complete skeptic, to a true blue believer, almost overnight.
(no pun intended!) I was visited by a co-worker who lived on the other side of the country, while sleeping...
and he told me not to worry, that all was okay, but he came to say goodbye "for now".
I learned the next morning he had died suddenly the night before, at roughly the same time.
Several weeks later, still not convinced it wasn't a huge coincidence, I spoke to a psychic medium by phone who told me exactly what had happened in the dream, how he had appeared, what he said...
and why..
and from that point forward, my life and what I believe has never been the same! (and now i look forward to my psychic dreams..
so I can find out what they REALLY mean later!)
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