Actress Jane Seymour Makes a Midlife Transition

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Actress Jane Seymour, age 55, has made an amazing midlife transition.
She found her passion outside of what had been her normal routine and is an example to us all.
Quinn, Medicine Woman, worked her way through what could have been a midlife crisis by discovering art as a therapy.
She chose to paint her way out of her troubles rather than seeking help of a psychotherapist, or resorting to drugs or alcohol as many actors and actresses have done.
She now actually makes more money as an artist than as an actress.
She is now actually selling limited addition handbags based on her paintings, many which reflect the changes she feels she is going through in midlife.
The Difference between Europe and America She comes from a Dutch heritage and reflects what many say is a difference in the aging process between Europeans and Americans.
European women, especially, have a different attitude than women in the states.
Women in Europe seem more comfortable with their age.
Not as many are concerned about outward appearance.
Plastic surgery is certainly used less often.
They don't seem to care to look like they are 35 when they are actually 55.
Their embrace of their age seems to exude a special sensuality which comes from the freedom of having been there before and applied 'all the tricks'.
She has clearly expressed a feeling that somewhere 'in-between' is good.
It certainly isn't appropriate to let yourself get frumpy or go to 'rack and ruin', There is a happy medium.
What About YOU? I was delighted when I recently saw Jane being interviewed and couldn't help but wanting to share her story, since it is such a wonderful tribute to the midlife transition.
Many of us have talents we haven't fully expressed and midlife is the time to unleash and uncover them.
Who knows, you may be the next great singing discovery or artist.
What are you doing to find YOUR passion in midllife? Are you clear about what you want for the second half of your life?
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