Why Diets Make You Fat, Not Help You Lose Fat

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Our bookshelves are littered with hundreds of titles on how to lose weight.
There's all the low-carb diets and the sugar-free diets, and the protein diets, etc.
It's enough to make my head spin...
and I'm a fitness and fat loss expert! How confusing is it to the average joe or jane scanning the shelves in hopes that maybe there's a diet that's proven to work.
However, the sad truth is that the diets found on bookstore shelves will not help you lose fat, they'll most often lead you to gain more fat than you had when you started.
How is this you ask? Well, that's a splendid question and I'm glad you asked.
Pretty much every diet on the bookshelves is a different twist on a very-reduced calorie diet.
Sure they all have their "hooks", but they're all reduced-calorie diets, meaning they drastically reduce the amount of food you are allowed to eat in a certain day.
Even the ones that tell you that you can eat whatever you want.
And how that makes sense, I have no idea.
So, if they are all basically the same at the root, what makes them different? It's the way they make you reduce your calories.
They all tell you that you MUST cut out certain things and that you MUST add certain things to your diet if you really want to lose fat.
That right there is the major flaw.
There's no flexibility in these fad diets and sooner or later you are going to succumb to temptation.
It's human nature.
You are told that you cannot eat certain things and that's exactly what you want to eat.
Sure you can stick to it for a few weeks (at best), but those things that you love, that the diet tells you are no-no's, will begin to call your name.
They'll start as a whisper, then get louder and louder until one day you'll find yourself elbow deep in the bag of Frito's and then what? Another diet failed, and with nothing to show for it but a slower metabolism, less muscle and more fat than when you started.
Sure the scale might be a few pounds lighter, but it'll come back because you've lost some muscle tissue and water weight.
That is the dieting cycle and that is why diets will make you fat, rather than help you lose fat long-term.
So what's the answer?A reduced calorie diet is the right answer, at least the diet book writers got that right.
But you need to combine that reduced-calorie diet with a steady dose of resistance exercise and short-burst cardio training.
You need to eat lots of fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and nuts.
You also need to lighten up on the restrictions.
If you don't allow yourself to give in to your favorite treats every now and again, you're going to go crazy.
There's nothing wrong with having a treat every now and again, just don't make it a daily occurrence.
That is the answer to successful, long-term fat loss.
Do it and you'll succeed.
I guarantee it.
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