How Not to Relapse

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Alcoholism and drugs are tough illnesses to over come even if you have been through all of the detoxes and the 12 steps.
Many do not realize that no matter how hard they try and really want to succeed at quitting that at some point they will be tempted too much.
Relapse does not mean failure it only means that you are human and as a human being, we all make mistakes and often find ourselves relapsing due to certain occurrences or events in our lives.
Even though these evens are beyond our control, the alcoholic or the drug addict sees it as a personal attack.
Then the alcoholic or drug addict reacts or reverts to the old habits.
The first thing that the alcoholic or addict must do is to change the old into the new.
Do not place your self into the same old situations is one way not to relapse.
Do not go back to the same place to live once you are out of treatment.
However if you have no choice about this one situation you can change other things about your living situation.
If you must live in the same place with the same people this, ask them to respect your sobriety.
Much of the time, your family or loved ones will try everything possible to help you to succeed in not relapsing.
Never go around the old friends you used to get into trouble with this is a good way to relapse they will temp you into a situation you may not be able to control.
This is a good way not to relapse stay away from the old habits.
You will be able to find good new friends who do not drink or use drugs and they manage to live life sober and have fun in life.
Rely on your closest relative, sponsor, or even your spouse.
These people love you and want you to succeed and live a long life.
Many alcoholics and addicts are ashamed of the things that they have done and find it difficult to talk about being weak or out of control.
Nevertheless, you cannot conquer the disease alone you need the love and support of this one person not to relapse.
It will help you to go to this person and tell them you are feeling weak or tempted and you do not want to be alone.
They will stay with you and help you to make it through if you just give them the chance to help.
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