Moving Into Greatness

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Life is Good, Better, Best Moving into greatness starts with how you view the world you live in.
A good situation can be made better and a better situation can be made the best.
Understanding how to move forward through this good, better, best system of thinking can help you realize the potential of any moment.
The best thing about knowing that you can make any situation better extends even in the worst circumstances.
Working to improve your situation rather than fix it all at once is often the best way to move from a struggle into fulfillment and from there into greatness! Enjoy Greatness in the Little Things Have you ever gotten a tingle from doing something good for someone or receiving something good from someone else? It happens all the time and it is great.
The problem is that we rarely take the time to recognize this greatness only because the deed seems so small.
We pass it by because a "thank you" or a helping hand really isn't that special, right? Wrong! The little things that we do for each other are the difference between good and great.
If you are looking for greatness, look no further than the ways you can improve the quality of life of those around you.
Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary There once was a man who wanted to cross a country, but he didn't want to use a plane, or a car.
He wanted to run.
What made this extraordinary was the fact that this man had only one leg.
His name, if you haven't already guessed, was Terry Fox.
In truth he never made it.
He died before he finished.
What he did do however, was inspire a nation.
Every year millions of students across Canada and around the world raise money and run on his behalf.
This is a great example of how someone can turn something ordinary into extraordinary.
You can do it too.
All over the place people are taking ordinary events and making them have an extraordinary impact.
There is Always Room for Greatness Remember as you go through the rest of your day, week, or month that greatness is always waiting to be found.
Whether it is simply holding a door open for the next person or making room on the subway, everyone is affected when people take the time to go that little extra mile to make the difference.
It's like smiling...
it's contagious.
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