The Art of Making Things Happen

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There are three major excuses people tend to throw out for not engaging in those activities that make them happy.
Everyone has a set of activities that if time and money was no object they would be doing them right now.
Here is the three most common excuses people use: oI don't have the time to do this stuff.
People who live their lives based on what they love have the same 24 hours available every day as everyone else.
So the issue doesn't boil down to having enough time.
The issue boils down to priority.
When I first started playing Badminton I had to schedule it in my week first, and then set my study blocks of time around it.
If you want to be with your family more, set that into your weekly schedule first.
If your passion is over playing cards and work tends to overlap then ask yourself: For what am I working for? If the answer is retirement so you can play cards then...
you sure have a long 25 years (depending on your age) to wait before you can do what you love.
It's up to you to decide where your priorities lie.
Make sure you are having fun, since: "The Journey is the Reward.
" oIf I leave my business to run on its own it will fall apart! This is one of the most interesting paradigms of working for yourself.
Most people think it will give them more liberty.
This is only true if you learn to properly delegate and outsource the easy tasks of your job to other people.
Make sure you have done an efficient 80/20 analysis of your job.
You could be spending most of your day replying to e-mails and never leaving the Inbox because they just keep coming in! Michael Gerber's E-Myth Manager explains how regardless of whether you work for someone or for yourself, you are still an entrepreneur.
Either you understand your own business.
Or, you understand your company's business.
In either case you will grow tremendously.
That is, as long as you learn to delegate mechanical tasks and focus on your core unique abilities that you do best.
oMy friends will think I am crazy! The key phrases here are: "So what?" and "Who cares?" Past the age of 15 you are the only person who wants the best for your life.
I'm not saying that nobody cares.
What I am saying is if your parents want you to get be in a profession they want this for you so that you succeed.
Question is, where do your passions lie? If you like how things are built, become an engineer and dominate that field of study! If you like collecting things that are worthless to others, then do that and believe in yourself while making it big! And while you're doing these things, all the people who think that you are crazy will fade into the background.
They'll say things like "Don't you care about your family??" or "Life is tough, you can't always get what you want.
" Or, my personal favorite: "When will you grow up? We think you're getting a little too old for this sort of thing.
Whatever they say...
let them say it.
Because you and I both know that the one person who wants the best for your life (and has a better idea than anyone else) is you.
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