Consider Weight Loss Surgery in the New Year

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Every January 1 people greet the New Year with a determination to make this one the best yet, or at least better than last year.
Resolutions to exercise more and lose weight are made in earnest, and in defense of the many people who begin with good intentions, some do manage to reach their goals.
If you are morbidly obese, however, you may be of the mindset that healthy loss to a manageable weight is out of your reach.
In truth, making an important step toward learning about bariatric surgery can set you on the path to your goals.
Bariatric surgery is the process of undergoing a procedure that assists in an accelerated rate of weight loss.
There are different types of surgery that fall into this category: some patients may opt to have a gastric band reduce the size of their stomach (thereby limited the amount of food one can take), or they may have their stomach mass reduced.
Other patients have opted for a gastric bypass, where the stomach is connected to another part of the small intestines, "bypassing" most of the stomach.
To qualify for weight loss surgery, a candidate must have a certain Body Mass Index (typically 40 or above), and meet other requisites as determined by a physician.
Those who have considered a bariatric procedure may wonder about the benefits versus trying to lose weight naturally.
One disadvantage to obesity is that the extra weight puts a good amount of pressure on your skeletal system and organs.
You are more apt to suffer from hypertension and diabetes, and you may suffer depression and self-esteem issues.
Mobility is also difficult to manage in this state.
While bariatric surgery won't turn you into a supermodel instantly, it allows you the opportunity to reduce weight at an even, and safe, pace so you are able to continue weight loss programs until you reach your goal number.
Choosing to look into a WLS program for the New Year gives you incentive to look forward to a future of healthier and more active living.
When you think of the many things you are not able to do because of your weight - hiking, playing with kids/grandkids, or traveling - the idea that these things can become reality should give you the drive to look into a support group or consult with an area surgeon.
A reputable program will offer counseling before and after the procedure, with information on peer support groups where you can learn from others who have undergone bariatric surgery about managing weight and dealing with related issues.
Don't let another year pass without doing something about your weight.
Bariatric surgery is a viable option that offers many health benefits.
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