How to Remove an Ink Stain Fast

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    • 1). Place an old towel under the area that is stained on the clothing. The towel will absorb part of the ink. Make sure the towel is thick enough to keep the stain from transferring through it and onto another part of the clothing.

    • 2). Mix a few drops of a mild laundry detergent with water. Dip a cotton ball into the solution. Blot out the stain with the cotton ball.

    • 3). Spray the stained area immediately with hairspray. Let the hairspray seep into the stain for 60 seconds. Blot out the ink stain with a clean cloth.

    • 4). Dampen a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Blot out the stain with the cotton ball.

    • 5). Mix a solution of water and baking soda. Apply the solution on the stain with a cloth. Blot out the stain with the cloth.

    • 6). Test an acetone nail polish remover on a small part of the clothing item that was stained by the ink. If there are no adverse effects on the clothing, dampen a cloth with the nail polisher remover. Blot out the stain with the cloth.

    • 7). Wash the garment as you normally would as quickly as possible after the stain is gone.

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