Six Ways to Bring More Joy and Fun to Your Life

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I believe we can never have too much fun and joy in life.
I also believe it's not only easy, but right in front of us.
Here are some of my ideas...
Try something new Do you always eat the same things? Grab a vegetable or fruit you have never tasted and incorporate it into one meal this week.
Have you ever set foot on golf course? If not, go take a lesson or just have fun on the driving range for an hour.
Do you take the same route to work every day? Choose a new one that takes you off the beaten path for a week - especially one that gives you beautiful scenery to look at.
Would you love to learn how to cook and have fun at the same time? Take a cooking class with some friends.
Partake in a favorite hobby on a regular basis Join a group or take a class to keep you inspired by your hobby and connected to likeminded people.
Schedule a favorite hobby as you would any other important appointment, except this one will be written in ink so you are not likely to erase it! Build a favorite activity into your work life - one example is having a meeting with a colleague during a walk in a park instead of a coffee shop.
Be Spontaneous Take a day (or even a few hours) off midweek for some rest and relaxation, especially if an appointment gets canceled or you complete a task earlier than expected.
Make a date with your partner and do something out of your normal routine like going to a new restaurant, trying a new recipe or throwing a Frisbee in the park.
Get Involved Get involved with a community project that excites you.
Volunteer for a passionate cause - even if all you can spare is an hour a month.
Join a committee of a group you value and offer your strengths, knowledge or expertise - it could be a business group, civic or community group or social group.
One of the things I love about my involvement with Chix in Business is that is really fits all three! Start a collection Seek treasured sea glass on the beach and display it beautifully.
This is new for me and I have had such joy in scouting out pieces every time I have been at the beach this summer.
Now, when displayed on my desk, every time I look at it the beauty makes me smile - and I remember the story of how and where I found it.
Not only that, a good friend thinks of me when she finds great shells and brings me different pieces to add to my collection.
Schedule a day just for you once a month (in ink) Spend the entire day in bed reading a book you have your eye on.
Get a massage, or pampering experience of your choice or travel in your own city.
For me there is nothing like spending a day wandering through a bookstore, painting watercolors, or sitting in a coffee shop writing.
Now it's your turn, what will you choose?
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