Walking and Weight Loss - Can Walking Help You Lose Weight?

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Since there is a concrete relationship between walking and weight loss, there is no reason as to why walking will not promote weight loss.
In fact, we lose body weight by burning calories and brisk walking involves burning of calories.
If you do not believe me then go for a "Walking Calories Calculator", which will tell you how much calories you have burned while taking a walk.
To burn more calories, all you have to do is walk further.
Walking May Be Better Than Running Contrary to what most people believe, we may burn more calories at very low speeds as compared to when breaking into a run.
This happens for the simple reason that few can sustain running at a high speed and thus tends to rest a lot, while walking can be a continuous affair.
The momentum built within the body while walking eventually may allow you to lose more weight.
There are two kinds of walking - Museum Walking (refers to slow walking) and Race Walking (refers to a brisk pace).
To lose weight, you must do Race Walking.
To understand the walking and weight loss phenomenon, you may try climbing a bridge instead of walking through a street having a flat surface.
In the earlier case, when you begin to climb the bridge, you may feel the strain of burning more calories, and will lose more weight as compared to when you are going down the bridge on the other side.
On the other hand, when you are walking through the street, it obviously involves lesser strain and consequently entails lesser weight loss.
However, as the customary city dweller has neither the time nor the inclination to go for extended walks, the only option left before him/her is the modern Treadmill that provides a walking platform for the stationary traveler.
To obtain maximum benefit in losing weight, the best way is in using the treadmill in backward motion.
This will involve maximum strain and consequent fat burning, and as a result, you could end up losing the most weight.
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