Career Coaching: Be The Personal Career Coach Who Leads A Client To His Desired Career

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Clients hire the services of a personal career coach because they know that they can discover what they really want to do with their lives through career coaching. A client wants to determine his exact career goals but he doesn't know how to do so. He needs your help on that. He also wants to determine a plan to achieve it. He has to have an idea of the right actions that will result to the achievement of his ideal career.

A Client Needs to Undergo Soul - Searching

A career coaching client is seeking for his absolute goal in life. He wants to know what he really wants to do with it. But if you'll ask him that question, he will surely not be able to answer you. It is one of the questions a person is afraid to ask himself. That's why he sought for your services. Send your client to a quiet place where he can think for himself. Ask him to write down his answers on the question, "What do I really want to do with my life?"

It is important for your client to focus on himself. He should seek for the career that will really make him happy regardless of anything. He should veer away from thinking of his current career and the possible consequences of his decision to change careers, if ever. Ask him to picture out his ideal career and the satisfaction that may come with having it. He needs to acknowledge his longings for a certain career and feel the fulfillment of his life-long dreams. If you think it is necessary, ask him to list down his reasons for getting your services. His answers will tell him why he should really look for that ideal career and will remind him why he is seeking it.

"Wave A Magic Wand" and Bring to Life Your Desired Career

Every client hopes for the achievement of the career of his dreams. But something somewhere is hindering him from doing so. Have him wave a magic wand and create the perfect setting of his sought after profession. Make him create a clear picture without any limitations. His educational attainment, time, money, skills, and knowledge should not even matter. Everything is perfect and anything is achievable.

His imagination should lead him to the possibilities in life. The taste of his success in his mind should make him want to see it in real life. His mind should be free from his current job and situation. Nothing should stop him from reaching for his goals and his limiting beliefs should be broken during career coaching. As a personal career coach, you should open him to possibilities and opportunities. Doing so will be life changing.
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