Helpful Knowledge For Panic Disorder And Agoraphobia Sufferers

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Agoraphobia - the fear of open spaces - can be horrible enough on its own. Combined with Panic Disorderit can be it can be hindering. Nearly 3.2 million adults in America struggle with Agoraphobia today. More than that, a growing number of people also undergoing the acute version - Panic Disorder

Panic Disordervictims can find themselves with an inability to react to circumstances around them when an attack is happening. Their symptoms can be extreme ranging from chest pains and hyperventilation to non-stop tremors. Many times, Agoraphobia is one contributing factor, but not the only trigger of the attack.

Attacks can be dangerous while people are driving. Their judgment is impaired, and they may find it difficult to react appropriately to what's going on around them. This makes it dangerous when drivers aren't aware of the situation or when they react abusively. This present a challenge, prompting the patient to lock themselves in their home simply because they are afraid that if they have an attack while driving they could cause a severe accident.

Some sufferers treat this condition with drugs, some with therapy and some with a combination of the two. Others simply refuse to leave their houses, becoming prisoners in their own seclusion, unwilling and in some cases unable to seek help or treatment. This can ultimately lead to depression and suicidal urges if left untreated.

There is treatment for both conditions. Some SSRI's that are helpful are Citalopram, Dapoxetine or Escitalopram. Seek advice from your doctor if you have liver disease or you are expecting, as SSRI's are known to have some long term side effects and some short term effects as well.

Benzodiazepines can also be used, although the medical community as a whole believes that they should not be a long term medication for either condition. They can, however, be used in combination with some therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) where the goal of the psychological therapy is to achieve a cure, while the Benzodiazepine suppresses the symptoms during treatment.

People that are at risk for heart disease, such as men and women over the age of 40 should exercise caution when choosing a treatment plan with their physicians. These medicines are known to cause complications in patients who have these conditions. It's also wise to understand that these drugs can be addictive.

In general, with medical and psychological conditions, it is best to discuss the condition and treatment with your doctor. Anyone who feels they have a phobia, or panic attacks with no known reason, should consult with their physician. They can provide them with a referral in the area they need.

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