How to Avoid Fight in Bars

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Many people love to spend Friday nights or weekends nights on a bar drinking their favorite cocktails or beer, listening to good music, dancing and most especially having fun with their friends. However, sometimes, this happy hour lead to unwanted encounters with drunken men who are always looking for trouble. Most of the victims are men since most of them are short tempered and easily mocked. They do not want people making fun of them, looking bad at them, saying foul words to them and to their friends, and they especially hate it when someone hits on their female friends. The ending usually is a messy fight. You do not want this to happen on a supposedly fun and stress reliever night out with your friends, right? Then, it is advisable to keep yourself out of trouble. Here are some tips for men out there, on how you could avoid fights in bars:

1. Stay away from loud drunkards - we all know that a person under the influence of alcohol becomes too wild and tends to say stupid things. Now, if you are the type of person who is short-tempered then you should stay away from the loud drunkards. The thing is, once they start talking, they talk about everyone near them. They will say bad and foul words that may agitate you. Of course, that could easily lead to a fight. So the best thing to do is to stay away from them.
2. Do not try to mediate someone else's fight - another thing that you should avoid doing is mediating between two people fighting most especially if you do not know them. Their issues are not your issues so try to stay out of the picture. That way, you could keep yourself away from trouble.
3. Make sure to only take alcohol that your body and mind can manage - as for yourself, you should also make sure to only drink what you can. Some people have great tolerance when it comes to alcoholic drinks while some get drunk easily. Therefore, you should know your limitations so you could keep your acts together.
4. Do not mind people trying to mock you - you should not always mind people blabbing nonsense things to you. Sometimes, they just mock you because they want attention so try to keep your cool.
5. Bring a self defense weapon - lastly, it would be great to bring self defense weapon like a stun gun in case someone becomes too violent. You will be able to stop the attacker using the weapon.
The tips discussed in this post will help men out there to keep themselves out of trouble. It is indeed more fun if you will be able to stay away from insensible fights with strangers. You do not always have to show that you can fight back because it will only cause bigger problems. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to look the other way once someone tries to start a fight with you most especially if that someone is drunk and wasted.
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