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1. TAKE EVERYTHING ONE STEP AT A TIME: Begin simply by paying more attention to what you are eating, slowly cutting back on the bad foods and implementing more healthy foods into your diet.
The next step is to add exercise to your plan, once you have this under control. If you do not like exercising, take this one step at a time as well by implementing only 15 to 30 minutes at a time at first.
2. CHOOSE FOODS AND ACTIVITIES THAT YOU ENJOY: If you do activities that you get enjoyment out of, you will find them to be much more successful than trying to exercise in ways that you do not enjoy. Instead of craving bad foods, choose food that you enjoy which will help you enjoy diet.
3. BUILD MUSCLE: You lose calories based on your diet. Muscles surprisingly enough, burn calories more quickly than fat does.
Work out with weight to build muscle and lose weight and then allow your extra lean muscle mass to burn more calories for you on a long term basis.
4. REDUCE YOUR CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates should not be cut completely, because your body needs carbohydrates for energy. Some of the white breads and pastas should be cut out from your diet.
What carbs do you need to eat, you can replace with whole wheat and brown carbs for better health.
5. GIVE UP THE BAD STUFF: It may surprise you how unhealthy it is to eat candy cookies, cakes and other sweets and to drink soda and sugar laden drinks. Cut these bad goodies out either completely or at least 80% of the time and the pounds will shrink away without you having to do much else to make the weight loss happen.
6. HAVE A SUITABLE BREAKFAST: Calories should be consumed on early in the day and breakfast is no exception. Eat a nice breakfast to give your metabolism a good foundation to run for the remainder of the day.
7. CONTROL PORTIONS BY LEAVING SOMETHING BEHIND: Make sure your portions are correct based on the actual serving size of your food, and then make sure not to clear your plate completely.
For easy and achievable weight loss, then exercising portion control will give you a better control over what you put into your body.
Impleplement these tips one by one and in no time at all you will begin to see a significant difference in your weight.
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