7 Fears That Can Paralyze Your Life

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I suppose the most annoying thing about fear is that it can hide in places we don't know exist, strangling the very source of all that we are.
The most damaging of fears are usually inconspicuous in their nature; hiding deep beneath other things that we have somehow unknowingly used to cover them in order to carry on as though they don't exist.
It's our unique defence system from the horrible but unreal projections that fear is showing us.
Most of us know the acronym FEAR that it is false evidence appearing real and if this is known by so many of us, how does it manage to still affect us? Well if we look at the last two words of that acronym (appearing real) we can perhaps understand why.
We act on what appears real to us, even if it doesn't appear real to someone else, if we deem it real we can't help but react to that.
In our minds it is believed and if we believe it we will then act from that belief.
So how do we discover what is real? We've must be willing to answer the questions that will uncover what is real.
We must be willing to establish what is true for us and to do that we must uncover the false evidence.
We must be willing to look at fear for what it is and uncover all the areas that it exists in our lives.
How has fear paralyzed you in your life? Below are seven major areas that fear tends to paralyze by providing false evidence.
Fear of Not Being Enough - At some point in our lives this fear tends to get hold of each of us.
The funny thing is many of us will have suffered at the hands of this fear even though we all haven't experienced the same things.
However when you search the root of this fear it has not real roots.
Even if it was pushed on you as a child its root will still only be in someone's opinion.
Whatever your beliefs you can't ignore the fact that not even your parents have the authority to say that you are not enough, as they have not provided the air to your lungs and they have no power over whether your heart beats or not.
When you take time to listen to that heart beat and realise there is a greater source allowing that to happen you will understand there is greater purpose to you than what you are allowing and you are more than enough to fulfil it.
Fear of Failing/ Making Mistakes - There is no doubt that this fear can frustrate one in so many different ways.
It's not as though you can't see what you desire and what you'd like to do, but the fear of making a mistake or failing keeps what you want at a distance, always in sight but never in reach.
Just enough to keep you extremely frustrated.
Worst still you find reason why you can't do what you want so that you don't fail.
The false evidence becomes so real that to take the chance seems more likely to happen as the false evidence is showing you to what you want to happen, so you stay in a state of dreaming.
Although the state of dreaming comes to an end and when it does anger, resentment or disillusionment remains.
Fear of Rejection - If you are not wiling to take a chance because of fear of rejection you will stay on the sidelines watching everyone else participating in the game of life.
Afraid to love but not willing to risk getting hurt.
Want to start a business but afraid that people won't love what you do.
Maybe you have the evidence of rejections playing around like a broken record in your head and it is playing out all the scenarios of what could happen if you tried again.
False evidence can appear so real that it makes you a slave to your past, hindering you from seeing who you really are, a creator of your own experiences.
Fear of Losing - I think you get it now that FEAR is the false evidence appearing real and it is no difference when it comes to being constantly shown what you will lose.
This vicious cycle of worrying about what you will lose will have you on a never-ending quest to get those things that will enhance the other false evidence, that we are not enough.
However you aren't really living if you are constantly running after what you can get to fill the void if you lose.
When you come from the premise that you are already enough and live in that truth you will come to understand you are here for the experience.
When you come to that understanding you don't seek to hold on to things and people but instead you will seek to enjoy them and see them as they really are.
You will then appreciate them for whom, why and what they are to you.
Fear of Sickness/ Dying - When fear has paralyzed much of your life and you find yourself completely stuck, the fear of dying is often the projection being shown in your mind, maybe this fear makes itself manifest into a sickness, whatever the outcome hopelessness is usually the source of this projection.
However I invite you to turn this around and take it as an invitation to live.
You are obviously not dead and I challenge you to take those thoughts to court in your mind and question them vigorously, you will find hopelessness at the root.
In some way you will see that somewhere deep down you have surrendered life, maybe not physically but mentally.
Fear of Unknown - One of the greatest fears that many people experience is the fear of uncertainty.
Many of us grow up being told what we should put our trust in, like government, religion, other people, institutions.
However our very journey in this physical existence is supported only, by being willing to surrender to the uncertainty.
Yet the false evidence being shown to you suggest that to trust in what you can't see is a sure way to fail and lose everything.
In fact that false evidence will show you the failures of others just to solidify its argument.
So instead of surrendering you find yourself trying to control the outcome of out every experience here, robbing yourself of the wonder of this universe and how you relate to it.
Fear of Living/Our Power - Sounds odd I know, but yes most of us live with dreams that bring joy, peace, love and an abundance of all things to others in this world.
Yet many of us remain on the outside of this and it remains a dream of what if, simply because the power of it scares us too much to take action.
The search to find reasons and alibis as to why you shouldn't aim for such is the necessary course of the person who knows their power, but talks him or herself out of using it.
Yet they tend to talk a good game and get up to the starting line, but then maybe an injury or some ailment comes along to give them a way out.
False evidence has made itself real and now they can't run, as their leg is hurting.
All the time telling people how great they can be if they wanted to, but they don't choose to be.
To live a full life is is why you came here and if any of these fears have paralyzed your life search their roots and remove them from your life.
Our very essence is creative and when we find ourselves paralyzed from creating joy, peace, abundance and love for others and ourselves we have bought into the false evidence.
Live the fullness of that, which you are by surrendering and giving life your all; having faith in the journey, whatever it may entail and don't forget to have fun.
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