How Important is Your Dentist to Your Good Health?

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Observing good oral hygiene and dental health is very important for overall good health. Proper oral hygiene can prevent the development of dental caries, gingivitis, bad breath and a host of diseases, some of them quite serious. A visit to the dentist can prevent the occurrence or arrest the development of dental caries and other conditions. Children especially need to develop good oral hygiene early on. Practising right techniques in brushing and flossing will ensure the child maintains these habits into adulthood and be less vulnerable to dental disease. The dentist can examine if the child may need braces or other orthodontic treatment later on in his or her life. Early treatment of malocclusion (condition where the upper and lower jaws and teeth are not aligned correctly) can prevent later problems when the patient reaches adulthood. With fillings and root canal therapy your dentist can help you save your teeth from tooth decay.

A dental surgeon helps in the reconstruction of facial features. A maxillofacial surgeon is a specialty surgeon who corrects defects in the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial area, and also areas like the head, neck, jaws and face. The maxillofacial surgeon performs surgeries to correct birth defects like cleft lip and cleft palate, performs reconstructive surgeries for patients with oral cancer and cancer of the head and neck. The maxillofacial surgeon can also perform reconstructive surgeries to correct dysgnathia (incorrect bite) and some cosmetic procedures.

Older patients might require the dentist to prepare dentures, bridges or tooth implants. Sometimes the patient might need some cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, bleaching, veneers etc. Invisalign treatment is a popular cosmetic procedure for straightening crooked teeth. Other treatments are available that can improve imperfections. Restorative measures can replace missing teeth, gaps in teeth, fitting of porcelain crowns, fixing of implants and bridges etc.

If you have bad breath, your dentist is the professional who will guide you to proper treatment of halitosis. Halitosis can be caused by a number of reasons – smoking, poor oral hygiene and choice of diet that includes food like onions and garlic. Tooth decay can also be a contributing factor to halitosis. A dentist can help diagnose the cause of bad breath and its treatment. Persistent bad breath may be a symptom of some very serious health problems. If you face chronic bad breath you should visit a dental professional. For patients who live in Manhattan, dentist services can be available in surrounding boroughs for treatment of bad breath and other oral conditions.
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