Stress Management - Working With Jerks is a Pain in the Neck

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Quite a few of us go to stressful work environments every day.
If it weren't for stress in city offices and rural factories, some of us wouldn't know what to do to stay awake.
The key to dealing with too much health depleting stress is to practice stress management.
You can minimize the negative affects by learning to recognize the things that cause you stress and then taking basic steps to manage stress.
This article is about stress management tactics you can use when dealing with jerks -- and the problems they cause -- in the workplace.
My Co-Worker, The Jerk Rude co-workers seem to come with the territory of the workplace.
Daily exposure to inter-personal rudeness can take a toll on anyone and make it difficult to get things done.
Fortunately, you have a choice in what you do when faced with such a situation.
Do a bit of evaluation first -- is this something that really bothers you or can you stand it?Step back and decide what level of discomfort it brings you -- do you get mad or can you shrug off some of you co-worker's rudeness? Try ignoring the rude behavior and stupid remarks and see if that doesn't make the rudeness subside, and even stop completely.
Sitting down and talking frankly about your displeasure with their rudeness may be necessary if ignoring them does not do the trick.
There's a possibility the person doesn't consider their actions rude to the other person In some cases airing your grievance may be enough to relieve the stress.
If being candid doesn't do the trick, it may be time to have a chat with the boss to say how your co-worker's rude behavior is keeping you from doing the best work possible.
A boss who wants a productive work force will take it upon herself to consider the situation and, if necessary, confront the person giving you grief.
The Boss That Makes Your Life Miserable Co-workers are a hazard, but another source of stress may be the mean boss.
Putting up with stress caused by your supervisor can truly make work miserable.
If you find that your boss is the one causing you the most stress at work, try talking with him first to see if the situation can be improved.
On the off chance your talk with your mean boss doesn't work (or, heaven forbid, gets worse) you will need to go to a higher authority to explain what's going on.
Make certain that you've documented the details of the stress-causing situation between you and the boss so that upper management (or Human Resources) will take you seriously.
Having to cope with meanness or spitefulness from a supervisor is uncalled for in any workplace.
Your productivity eventually suffers due to the stress.
There's no sense in letting this type of stress jeopardize your work performance.
My Workload, Big and Getting Bigger Stress becomes inevitable when you have too much work and not enough time to complete it.
Trying to be the most valuable employee is only possible when you accomplish the things you say you will do.
Everyone needs help now and again; just ask and be willing to reciprocate when your helpers call on you to help them complete their projects.
Magic can happen when people work as a team.
Stress in the workplace can come from various other things, but I've outlined only three sources in this article.
Ultimately you will have to get clear on what causes you stress on the job and find a way of dealing with it.
Don't let stress get the best of you no matter how stressful your work environment tends to be -- take the upper hand and be proactive in living as stress free as possible.
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