Do Diets Make Sense? The Top 5 Reasons That Diets Don"t Make Sense

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There are so many diet plans on the market today we should all be asking ourselves do diets make sense? Think about it - how can there be so many different "plans" to lose weight and how can they all be the best? Anyone interested in losing weight, the healthy and safe way should seriously educate themselves about weight loss, losing bodyfat and unwanted pounds.

Most diet plans on the market today really do not make sense in terms of safe, effective, long-term weight loss. Fad or crash diets may help you lose several pounds in a short amount of time so you can fit into that special dress or look semi-buff the first day on the beach; however, these types of diets cannot sustain you for any length of time and you will normally gain back any weight you lost - and usually more.

Your body needs consistent nutritional intake to function properly and for you to stay healthy. If you are not meeting these needs everyday then your body will fight back in ways you don't want it to - weight gain, illness, fatigue, decreased concentration are just a few of the side effects of poor nutrition.

Here are the top 5 reasons why many diets on the market today do not make sense for the average person:

1. Simply too expensive. Most people can't afford to maintain the diet plan for any substantial amount of time.

2. Goal setting is not a priority in the plan. People need goals to reach for. Without goals how will you monitor your progress.

3. Long-term weight loss is not the focus. Quick and unhealthy weight loss becomes the main focus of the diet plan. This will not help you in the long run.

4. Mangaging the diet plan is difficult.

5. The diet plan is too hard to follow. The plan focuses on too much detail and scientific mumbo jumbo.

Dieting to lose bodyfat and unwanted pounds does not have to be complicated or overly difficult. In fact, once you learn the basics of effective dieting and nutrition you can incorporate a healthy diet and exercise program right into the course of your normal day! This leads one to wonder what diets make sense then?
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