Personal Development Strategies - Ways to Develop Spiritual Character That Lead to the Abundant Life

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Although it may not be a popular direction in some segments of today's society, placing God first in our life is absolutely essential to the development of our spiritual character, and also, spiritual growth is the first and most important element in our search for abundant living.
Lets examine why.
The abundant life intimately embraces positive self-worth, recognizes the worth of others and focuses our efforts on worthwhile objectives.
All three of these priceless gems do not shine consistently in the eyes and lives of those who fail to include a constant focus on the spiritual.
Conversely, those who purposely place the spiritual building block firmly in the cornerstone of their lives do understand who they are, value others and strive for worthwhile personal application in their efforts; as a result, the heavens to indeed open with showers of abundance.
Therefore, spiritual development is first and of primary importance if we desire to enjoy abundant living.
As with all elements of character development, spiritual development flourishes when we consciously take simple steps in the right direction.
The right direction is toward God.
What are some of those simple steps? 1.
Develop a close and constant relationship with Deity.
  • Study the Word of God.
    Regularly and consistently take up in your hands your scriptural canon and read and study it.
    Perhaps before, during, and after your study, petition God's inspiration, that you may glean from every study some particle of truth.
    Pray for understanding.
    Then pray for the personal conviction of its importance and its practical application in your own life.
  • During the day and coming days, challenge yourself to live the principle.
    Start the day with the determination to live what you have read and understood.
  • In the closing moments of your day, report back.
    Review your progress in that one focused area.
    Ask how you may have lived it better, and then continue the challenge to live it better the next day.
With your increased understanding of God's attributes, laws, and His relationship to you, you will feel and know with greater conviction that you have a divine purpose and destiny.
You are not a mistake.
You are not an accident.
You are one of God's creations; He placed you here with love, with purpose, and with the promise to watch and care for you.
Your second step towards spiritual development is your knowledge of who you are and why you are here upon this earth.
When you begin to feel and see that you are a unique, beautiful son or daughter of God, and as you continue to study and meditate upon the words and messages from God, your eyes will open and you will see that others, all others, are likewise unique and beautiful creations.
God's law always directs us to these three principles first -- our lives are enriched to the degree that we love Him, love ourselves, and love others.
Furthermore, power and joy shower down upon me and others when I concentrate my attention and energy on gratitude and love for God, fo myself, and for my extended family of all humanity.
Gratitude and love surge to the front of all human emotions, holding aloft colorful banners that announce the approach of abundant living.
You see, when we can honestly declare our gratitude and our love for God, for our own lives and for every human being that we encounter in this marvelous journey, then whatever level of abundance we attain in the other areas of our life shall multiply an hundred fold; and we shall be rich; and we shall live the abundant life.
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