Reduce Stress With A Simple Mindfulness Technique

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Stress can arise when your life feels out of control and you find yourself preoccupied with anxious thoughts.
Your goals seem impossible to realize, and hope for improvement appears as a forgotten dream.
How do you begin to improve your situation? Through a simple mindfulness technique.
What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a way of thinking that will bring balance into your life.
You learn to experience life in the present moment, so that you can achieve peace of mind, a sense of serenity, and a feeling of purpose.
To be mindful means you are anchored in your true self.
Mindfulness can bring meaning back into your life and help you experience your surroundings in a new way.
Control Anxious Thoughts When you live a busy life you rarely find time to stop to calm your mind.
Your thoughts keep racing along at a ridiculous pace, so fast that you can't catch up with your impressions.
You need to slow down those thoughts.
Negative Thoughts Are Exhausting The problem of a busy mind would not be so bad if the thoughts were mostly positive.
Unfortunately, those hyper-active thoughts are usually concerned with the negative aspects in your life.
If they're work-related, you might be worrying about the next project's due date, or you could be anxious over the manager's comments toward you, or you may even be fearful of being laid off.
If you're thinking about a social engagement, you may be stewing over the preparation of a meal for your dinner guests, or pressuring yourself to say awake through an evening's entertainment.
An ill family member can cause anxious thinking as can a child's sullen moods.
Whatever the situation, you find it more and more difficult to let go of the stress.
Points to Consider · Brain babble is irrelevant to your life: this noise has nothing to do with what you truly feel inside your heart; · Past events are over; let them go; · Future events are not here yet; stop anticipating or sweating an event that's invisible.
Your life no longer exists in the past, nor has it caught up to the future, but your worry and anxiety are completely wrapped up in those 'time zones.
' That's not where you live; you live in the present moment.
If you read in the news the following quotation: 'The world is coming to an end on January 1st,' and begin to worry about the end of the world, you are stressing over something that has not happened yet.
You have moved into a future time zone where you can't possibly assess the situation properly.
Why can't you? Because you don't exist there.
As a result, your impressions will be faulty and will needlessly increase your stress levels.
If someone commented that they thought you looked a little pale last week, what would you do? Would you go over the comment and analyze it to death, or would you stop stressing over it and let it go.
You can't do anything about how you looked last week, so why not let it go? By focusing on the present, the past/future concerns are gradually silenced, and your stress levels go down.
A Simple Mindfulness Technique In order to stay in the present moment, focus on something that fascinates you.
This could be your child or a pet, or leaves waving in the breeze.
It might even be the sight of a squirrel sitting on its hind legs as it chews on a nut.
As you focus, open your heart to compassion and kindness for yourself.
Let that feeling of love comfort you.
Now observe the subject of your focus.
Study the details and become absorbed in the activity.
You begin to notice that your thoughts are less rambunctious and unruly.
A calm state sets in.
This feeling of calm is an indication that the stress is leaving and a new energy is starting to flow through your body.
For those few moments of focus, you are able to reach a peaceful state of mind.
Relaxation is Key to Coping with Stress This simple mindfulness technique can help to calm your disturbing mind chatter.
This practice can occur any time during the day.
Start watching for opportunities where you can pause for a moment and observe your surroundings with mindful focus.
If you're serious about learning more about how to change your life from stressful to relaxed, pamper yourself for a few moments each week by receiving supportive and encouraging tips guaranteed to empower you in your quest.
Regardless of where you are in your journey to lessen your stress, these tips can become part of your daily practice of boosting your spirit.
Give yourself a chance to reach this goal.
Be proactive.
Link to your inner power every day.
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