Can Calcium Strenghen Tooth"s Resistance?

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Recently some friends come to ask me if calcium can enhance the resistance of teeth. The main component of dental hard tissue is calcium, but nowadays a lot of publicities magnify the function of calcium. Therefore can calcium enhance the resistance of teeth or not? Actually dental caries and periodontal disease are the most two diseases of teeth, no matter to dental caries or periodontal disease, calcium is useless.

First, dental caries. People say that the dental calcification is good for the prevention of dental caries, but why calcium supplements is no avail mouthful of cavities then? Speaking of this from tooth development. Young children's permanent tooth germ began to take shape from one year old, and then the teeth gradually complete calcification, root development, re-eruption. After tooth eruption, the tooth calcification has been completed, then the alternate more calcium will not be absorbed by the teeth. The eruption age of permanent teeth is between the ages of 6 to 12 (except wisdom teeth), if you supply calcium after age of 12, these teeth is not strong enough, only during the calcification stage of tooth development it will benefit the hardness of teeth, as well as beneficial to the resistance of tooth caries. Further more, even it's in the calcification stage of tooth development, the need for calcium supplement also depends on the status of the body, it is individual. So keep a good habit of oral hygiene and do dental scaling at fixd time, if necessary vist your dentsit to check it up.

Then let's come to those common periodontitis. The symptom of periodontitis appear as bad breath, bleeding gums, alveolar bone atrophy, loose teeth and finally fall off. The most troublesome of periodontal disease is the atrophy of alveolar bone, and then cause the loosening of the teeth, just the same to a tree, the soil was flowed away, the roots exposed, then tree down. Till now there's not a good way to reverse the this trend in the world. Although a large number of composition of the alveolar bone is calcium, but practice proved it is simply futile that just rely on a supplement of calcium to let the alveolar bone grow back. At that time you'd better ask advice from your dentist and get treatment with the help of dental equipment.

Therefore, no matter suffering from dental caries or periodontitis, a calcium supplementation after sick is not useful. cares for every aspect health of your mouth and provides a lifetime of oral health and wellness for you, you may find a numbers of professional and incredibly selective dental equipments and supplies here.
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