Hair Cuts to Suit Your Face Shape

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If you are thinking about a new hair cut, it is worth putting some thought into it before visiting the hair dresser.  Firstly, tie your hair back from your face so you can see it clearly and assess your face shape.  At Colour Me Beautiful we divide different face shapes into the following five categories:  Oval, Square, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle and Round. Different face shapes look better with certain hair styles as follows:

Oval:  If you have a balance oval shaped face you have more choice as most hair styles will suit you.

Square: If you have a square face, hair styles that soften the outline of your face will be more flattering.  Avoid straight bobs and straight fringes as these will accentuate the shape of your face. 

Rectangle:  If you have a long narrow face, softer layered styles will at width to your face.  Avoid straight long hair as this will make your face look longer.  A fringe can make your face look shorter.

Inverted Triangle:  By adding volume and interest to your jaw line you can balance your face and make the upper part look less wide and the lower part less narrow.   Fringes should be light and volume on the top avoided.

Round:  Angular cuts are better for a round face and round bobs or a tightly perm should be avoided.

Other factors that need to be considered are your age, the texture of your hair (thick or fine) the colour and whether or not it has natural wave or is dead straight.  Some styles just won’t work with some hair textures and while you do want to look up to date, your hairstyle needs to suit your age and lifestyle.

An Image consultant can help you with choosing the right colour and style to suit you and most good hairdressers can advise you on what styles will suit your hair type.  It is worth looking at magazines and finding pictures of hair styles you like and think about how much time you can spend styling your hair at home.  This will be the starting point for your hairdresser to find a unique and flattering style that you can manage.
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