How to Keep Your Hair Color Looking Great Between Salon Visits

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    • 1). Talk to your stylist, he or she can give you valuable advice on which products to or not to use on your color treated hair.

    • 2). Use a shampoo and conditioner that has been specially formulated for color treated hair. Color treated hair is much more fragile than uncolored hair and regular hair products can strip the color from your hair. This means that your hair will need touch-ups and coloring more often which will in return lead to damaged hair.

    • 3). Use a ceramic pressing iron instead of a regular curling iron on your hair. A regular curling iron drys out your hair and because processed hair is already damaged can cause breakage.

    • 4). Avoid washing your hair everyday, this only to dry out your hair leading to color fading. Your hair will be much healthier if you wash it every other day.

    • 5). Stay out of the sun, the sun is very bad about fading your hair color. When going outdoors it's best to wear a hat or color protect spray that coats your hair with sunscreen.

    • 6). Avoid salt water and chlorine as much as possible. Both are very harsh on color treated hair and will soon cause your hair to become brittle and faded.

    • 7). Try a root touch-up kit to keep your dark roots and grays under control. With a root touch-up kit you will only be coloring the roots and around your hairline,making it easier for you to go longer between salon visits.

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