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Our times are more uncertain than ever given the state of the economy as well as the challenged health of our planet. It is up to us to make the difference now and for our future generations.

I was very taken the other day when someone commented on my Facebook status. I had written "Sahara is unstoppable". (This sounds really silly unless you are familiar with Facebook). In any event, this friend of mine asked me publicly on the site, "What is your secret?" I did not hesitate at all in my reply and did not really even realize I was answering her because of how quickly I began to write. It was as if I got out of my own way to write the answer, which was one word: Giving.

I was astounded even by my own response and I had not actually realized that the energy of giving was creating an unstoppable force in me. But it was, and is. Allowing for "more space" in my life by giving is creating more room and motivation to give. To give to myself and to give to others.

I think it is very easy these days to fall into the trap of "lack". "There is not enough to go around". Or "How can I give when I don't have anything myself?" Or "Giving is something that others will take care of. I am not in a position to." To me, these voices are all just a very simple misunderstanding as they believe there is lack in the universe and that there is a cap on energy for everyone. I have to say I disagree.

The universe (call this force what you want) is wholly and completely there for us at all times. 24/7. Consider it a spiritual 7-11. Very convenient. Yet we often get so caught up in the vibration of "not enough" that the universe has no choice but to continue to create scenarios that coincide with that vibration. See, the universe is impersonal. Whatever you put out is what comes back. What you focus on is what you manifest. Simple really. So why not think open thoughts? Think abundance. Think gratitude. Think loving. Think kindness towards yourself and others. Think giving.

Here are 5 tips To Get Your Giving On in. You might have forgotten about the last one already.

1. Make a "What's right" list. We tend to focus on what's wrong in our lives. What about what is right? You would be surprised when you really sat down to write it out just how many things are right that we take for granted daily. Be sure to write this everyday. I do this before going to bed so I can reflect on all the wonderful things that happened in my my car starting!

2. Begin your morning with a smile throughout your body. This is a fantastic way to not only start the day, but to connect with your body. Start in bed with your eyes closed as soon as you wake up. Picture a huge smile all throughout your head and say "I love my head. Thank you for your service". Then move on to the neck and do the same. "I love my neck. Thank you for your service". And yes, you can group body parts together so that you are not in bed for hours going through all the systems and intricacies. But start slow and deliberate. And take your time. End this meditation with "I love my body. Thank you for your service".

3. Watch your thoughts throughout the day. See what you tend to focus on. Is this what is getting you down? I can tell you that if you are focusing on your "challenging" boss all day and how unhappy you are, I guarantee you are not going to be open to truly giving. I know this first hand from past experience. It is not worth it. And you do have a choice on where you focus your thoughts and energy. Focus on openness in your life. Gratitude. And getting the heck out of dodge if you need to!

4. Create wealth accounts for yourself. Set aside money each month for charity, "fun time", investments, education and savings. From 10% in each to pennies...give what you can each month. And stick to it. Signal to the universe that you are thinking of yourself and others and are open to giving. Feel the expansion this creates in your life. And if money is challenging for you at the moment, no worries. You really can start with pennies.

5. Have fun. Please. Oh, and drink lots of water. And breathe.

Make room inside and out for giving. You will be glad you did. The universe is just waiting for this.

Copyright (c) 2009 Sahara Damore
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