Law of Attraction and How to Change Your Beliefs

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What is a belief? A belief is nothing more than a thought which has been held for a long time and has been charged with enough emotion to sufficiently lock itself into the cells of your body.
Your beliefs live in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
The Law of Attraction works with ALL levels of your mind, conscious and subconscious.
Beliefs resonate, vibrate and attract, drawing to them all manner of experiences that resonate and vibrate similarly.
You change your beliefs by replacing the faulty ones with a new thought.
The thought won't have much power at first because it's still technically a 'baby' thought.
It hasn't grown into being a belief yet.
Next, CHARGE your new thought with IMMENSE FEELING.
Close your eyes.
Hold the new thought in your mind and muster all the good feeling around that thought you can.
Next, PICTURE the thought.
Make it into a mental moving, with smells, tastes and feels.
The more sensual you make the experience, the more real it'll be to your subconscious mind and the faster it will manifest in your 3rd dimensional reality.
You can tell what your negative beliefs are (the ones you want to replace) by looking at your life.
Here are a few nasty and pervasive beliefs: Not enough money? There's a belief in scarcity, lack, limitation, greed and/or poverty that's lurking in your consciousness.
Unhappy relationships with high drama (and not the positive kind)? You harbor beliefs in your consciousness which are related to conflict, power struggles, dis-harmony, fighting, fear, etc.
Hate your job? There's a belief in hardship that's present in your consciousness, or a belief that you can't get what you want, or that life is a struggle.
None of these beliefs are true and all of them can be changed.
To turn the tide of negative beliefs (and their negative outcomes in your life) think a new thought and charge it with happy emotion.
Charge your new thoughts with gratitude, joy, prosperity and the knowing that everything in the universe supports you in all ways, always.
A tool that will help you to do this is to spend several minutes each day, with your eyes closed, allowing yourself to daydream about what you love.
Most kids are happy partly because they daydream.
Daydreaming puts you in a space of seeing mentally what you love and calls up a lofty, dreamy feeling.
Some people think it's a waste of time to daydream.
I don't.
I engage in daydreaming every day.
I see what I desire to create, then I walk through the daydream having fun, enjoying every aspect of it and soaking it all in.
My body's responses even change when I'm in the daydream state.
The consistent daydream, merged with happy feelings, converts itself into the belief that I can experience whatever I imagine.
Soon after, the emotionally charged mental pictures and scenes begin to take shape in my world.
This is the essence of reality creation.
Go on and try it - you have permission to daydream.
Changing your beliefs changes your reality.
You're making this whole thing up anyway, you might as well make it good.
Choose to consciously use the Law of Attraction for your ultimate good.
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