How to Reduce Body Fat in 5 Easy Steps

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Let me show you how to reduce body fat in 5 easy to follow steps.
Nothing complicated, but very powerful stuff if you actually follow the advice.
The problem is that this is so simple that a lot of people discard it as useless.
They think because it is not something very difficult to do, then it most not be effective.
But it is quite the opposite.
So here they are: 1.
Track all the food you are eating today.
A free online resource with a very comprehensive database of foods is fitday.
Once you know the real amount of calories that you eat in any given day, reduce that amount by 10%.
Track your results.
If you don't reduce your weight and body fat after a week, reduce another 10% 2.
Eat more fruits and vegetables than what you are eating now.
Get rid of sodas, sugary drinks, beer and booze.
No ice cream.
No food that comes in a box or bag.
Get rid of all processed food.
Find a training program to reduce body fat that focuses on strength training exercises.
This will elevate your metabolism and help you reduce body fat faster.
In addition to your cardio workouts, do 3-4 high intensity interval training.
You can find different routines online.
This will also elevate your metabolism and keep you burning fat long after your training session is over 5.
Get social support.
Tell a friend or family member that you want to reduce body fat and they will support you.
If not, there are plenty of support groups online.
People that are pursuing the same goals as you are and that also want to know how to reduce body fat.
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