Discover How Negative Thoughts Cause Weight Gain - Learn Two Techniques to Stop Them

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Where do your negative thoughts come from? Your caretakers and older siblings formed the core of your thoughts and belief systems.
These thoughts were formed when you were just a child.
Through out the years you have grown to adopt these thoughts and beliefs about yourself, whether or not they are true or false.
Most of these thoughts are held in your unconscious mind.
You may not realize these thoughts and beliefs are there ready to sabotage your next weight loss goal.
No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time.
This is true for everything including your thoughts.
If you have a negative unconscious thought about your body image you cannot have a positive thought in the same space.
You have to learn how to stop re-creating your fat beliefs in order to make room for more positive thoughts, about being a thinner person.
Technique 1; Being present One way to do this is to be present.
Being present means, that you learn how to recognize negative thoughts when you start to have them.
Once you can recognize them, stop yourself and take note of what you are thinking.
Those thoughts are your core beliefs about yourself and why you are not losing weight.
Examples; I have to clean my plate because there are people around the world that are starving.
I love chocolate, it makes me feel better.
I put weight on easily Losing weight is too hard.
I've had a stressful day at work I deserve to treat myself.
I'm overweight because it's in my genes I don't have time to exercise These are just the few examples of the many thousands of thoughts that can run through your mind and sabotage weight loss.
Technique 2; Affirmations Affirmations are positive thoughts that will replace your negative ones.
Make a good size list of your internal negative weight loss thoughts.
As you go down your list of negative thoughts write down how you can reverse them.
Once you've done this you have your list of affirmations.
I recommend keeping a list of your affirmations in places where you will see them often.
I also recommend saying your affirmations out loud while looking into the mirror twice a day.
You need to get used to what it sounds like to have a positive outlook on your body image and self.
Through these two techniques you will discover how your negative thoughts have caused weight gain and how to stop it.
The important thing to remember is not to fall into the blame game.
It does not matter where these thoughts came from, it only matters that you notice them now and actively try to change them.
Also remember these techniques take practice.
Lots of practice.
Don't give up in a day or a week or even in a month.
This process takes time.
In many cases it is a lifelong process, to change your inner dialogue that has held you back in life.
This process is life changing and worth all the effort you put into it.
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