The Diet Solution Program Review

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The Diet Solution Program Review

This is my review of The Diet Solution Program. I will be providing you an in depth preview of the course. This weight loss guide was created by Isabel De Los Rios, a nutrition expert and fitness guru with over ten years of experience guiding clients to lose fat and achieve better overall health. It is a complete weight loss program that will help you get to your optimal weight and also keep the weight off. The program shows you ways to burn body fat quickly until you get to your chosen weight and will also teach you how to keep the weight off.

The initial section I will review is the overall goal of The Diet Solution Program (Page 7). This section is to show you how to choose foods that are good for your specific needs as well as to teach you which foods are damaging to your body. By learning this you will be on your way to achieving your perfect weight and this is also a way to avoid common health issues.

The Diet Solution Program was produced from Isabel's 15 years of research and experience. Like a lot of us, Isabel De Los Rios was overweight and had bounced from fad diet to fad diet in her attempts to lose weight and none of them worked. Once she started to use the techniques in The Diet Solution Program she started to lose weight and burn fat. She also realized that these self taught techniques kept the weight off and allowed her to live a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Now let's look at the chapter showing the three steps to weight loss (Page 14).
This section will allow you to figure out your metabolism type, so you can put together a meal plan that burns fat and that you can stick with. How to complete these three steps is outlined in great step by step detail. Here is a preview of the first step where you figure out your metabolism type. The guide teaches you the many different metabolism types and outlines it so that you can easily determine which one fits you the closest.

This part of the Diet Solution Program Review will focus on Daily Meal Planning (Page 26), the 2nd important part of achieving weight loss. The daily meal planning chapter shows you four steps to putting together a customized personal meal plan. The program includes an Allowable Servings Guide (Page 68) that outlines the serving amounts allowed for each separate meal. Included are Food Choices charts (Page 69 - 73) which are unique for each type of metabolism. With this information, you will be able to put together a meal plan customized for your body and metabolism type in no time at all. Sample meal plans for all different metabolism types are provided in the program, this will allow anyone to get started right away and determine a more specific plan later on.

The Diet Solution Program also includes valuable tips and facts about foods we eat on a daily basis and some eye opening information about foods we have been taught to regard as healthy foods.

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