Are You Addicted To Your Problems?

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You Might be Addicted If...
  • You tell everyone you know the same stories over and over again about your problems.
  • Your friends, family and associates just roll their eyes, and say something like, "here we go again!"
  • You keep having a recurrence of the same problems showing up in your life repeatedly.
    Like a chronic disease, your financial, relationship, job, or emotional problems just keep popping up.
    Same problem, different day.
  • Why do I say you may be addicted? Because you are the common denominator to everything that happens in your life, and maybe you are getting some kind of pay off or "buzz" from getting the sympathy of others.
    Every time you tell your story to someone you may feel better from getting it off your chest, but the other person now feels burdened or mysteriously tired from your conversation.
    You are trading the buzz of their good energy for your misery.
    Of course you feel better, and so you repeat the pattern because it gives you an energetic high.
    Thus, telling the story of your problems becomes your modus operandi, your m.
    Maybe you are thinking, "but bad things do keep happening to me.
    Can't I talk to anyone about them?" I take my answer from a minister friend of mine.
    She would always say, "you get one time to tell me this story, the next thing I want to hear about it, is how you are going to either surrender it to God, meaning you stop talking about it all together, or you can tell me your exact plan for turning the situation around, and then you are going to focus on the solution and not the problem.
    " This was her way of getting people to realize that all of their own energy and mental focus went to feed the problem, which of course grew like weeds, instead of the desired outcome.
    This is basic spiritual truth, that which you focus on expands.
    If you focus on what you don't want, you will only get more of it.
    Shifting your mental focus to what you actually do want can become your spiritual practice because it will take some practice.
    When you find yourself getting worried about something, catch yourself, and say a short prayer like God always makes a way, or just get a clear image of what you would like to happen.
    Without wondering how it will work out, (only causing more worry) simply allow for the option that it can work out.
    Affirm that God has the power to correct any situation, and then get your fear and doubt out of the way, and allow for the transformation of your circumstance to occur.
    Break the addiction to the false high of taking other people's energy, like an energy vampire, and commit to your spiritual rehabilitation.
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