Fat Loss - Best Exercise to Burn Fat

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If you are frustrated and feel like ripping someone's head off just because you know all that time you spend in gym working out isn't giving the results.
And to make the matter worse, your instructor is giving wishy washy excuses? I am always surprised how in-effective workout routines most gym instructors give out to their clients.
There are very few guys who know what works and what doesn't.
The unfortunate thing is, you don't have any other options.
On internet there's way too much information and you have no idea which one you should follow.
You end up following what your gym instructor suggests.
You should understand there are always better or worse kind of exercises.
So the question comes up.
What kind of exercises you should follow if your goal is to lose weight.
So far from my experience there are only 2 types of workouts or exercises that can help you.
High Intensity Interval Training (HITT).
Resistance training with weights.
When it comes to fat loss, High intensity interval training is step above any other form of weight loss exercise.
Think of it as "Super cardio on steroids".
The reason behind the crazy performance results of HIIT is "Intensity" and "Interval".
You push your body, your cardio vascular beyond your limits for a limited time interval and then go back to neutral state.
Pushing your body beyond your limits again and again along with intervals will help you get stronger (physically and internally) and lose weight.
If you think cardio can get good results then just wait and try HIIT for a while and be amazed at the results.
My brother used this HIIT to drop 4.
2 inches off his waist in 28 days.
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