Self Improvement Starts Today

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Create a New You! Anytime you choose to start, one step at a time.
Why not today? Focus on just one area of self help.
It is very difficult to tackle a whole list of things you want to achieve.
By choosing just one thing you will better achieve measurable success.
First, zero in on what you want.
Be as specific as possible.
It is important to understand that this reality will be accomplished one day at a time.
Start to visualize yourself achieving your goal.
See yourself enjoying confidence and increased self-esteem when you are several pounds lighter, or when you stop smoking.
Imagine the day when you are free from that low paying, stressful job, the day you make more money being your own boss.
Imagine new confidence as you lose weight and your happier life full of healthy relationships.
Once you know what you want, you can put together an action plan.
Many people dream, but never map out a path to success.
Establishing a routine and a new mindset with measurable goals will move you forward.
That means, each day has time dedicated to achieving your goal.
Write it into your schedule and use a calendar to mark your success.
At the end of each week, review your progress.
Never accept defeat.
Just pick up and move on.
We all experience setbacks, but they are temporary.
By all means, find a way to reward yourself for your progress and your dedication to creating your best life possible.
Self improvement is easier to achieve when you consider all the pitfalls that may destroy your progress.
Know your "enemy", so to speak.
It is really helpful to remove the things or situations which may sabotage your success.
Yes, easier said than done, but what do you really want? Here is a simple way to begin: 1.
List all that you will gain by achieving your goal.
Keep your mind set on these benefits.
This positive mindset focusing on not only the end result, but also the wonderful progress along the journey will help to keep you on track.
It is helpful to have a list "Do's" instead of "Don'ts".
Then, list the obstacles and brainstorm on how you will either remove them, avoid them, or be prepared to protect yourself from their impact on your progress.
This may mean dumping all the junk food in your house or office, or turning off the TV and spending less time surfing the web.
Start a helpful habit and schedule one hour of "me time" to study, or exercise, or focus on your goal by reading, visualizing and taking some action.
Watch inspirational videos.
Maybe all you can start with is half an hour, just start! But, if you are like most, if it isn't on the schedule, it just won't happen.
Make a daily appointment with yourself, for yourself.
Garner some support from family and friends.
When you feel overwhelmed or the path seems too hard, it helps to call on a trusted person to partner with you in your self improvement journey.
Keep a journal, or mark off days on a calendar to give you visual encouragement.
Self help tools are available which can help you to create the life you want.
You can find guides to conquer bad habits, and weight loss programs.
But, you may not know where to start with improving your marriage, or gaining leadership skills.
Help yourself by learning from others who have already achieved what you are dreaming about, and be inspired by their success.
Imagine the possibilities~ Please enjoy a Free ebook just to get you started today with my best wishes for your success! "Detoxify Your Life"
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