Hype - Not Enough, Too Much, Or Just Right?

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Although most of those in leadership will refuse to admit it, one of the realities of leading is that hype will be utilized in some form or manner.
While some might consider hype as being an improper activity, it depends on the underlying motivation, as well as the degree and magnitude of the activity.
Is this being done to build up some unwarranted activity, program, idea or concept, or is it rather used as a component of effectively motivating others towards caring more, getting more involved, and/ or doing more about something that would make a significant difference? There are three possibility types or manifestations of hype: 1) not enough; 2) too much; and, 3) just right.
Not enough: Fortunately, or unfortunately, unless hype is used to some degree, others fail to listen or pay enough attention.
Because it is inherent upon true leaders to motivate constituents, followers, or other potential stakeholders, to care and do more, there is generally a need to draw them in, in some sort of bigger than life manner.
When someone refuses to use any of these types of behaviors, regardless of how good or meaningful his ideas may be, the reality is that if not enough individuals pay attention and get involved, most plans will fail to have the desired impact.
Too much: Those that follow either leadership or politics, have probably observed that we often observe those running for a position make promises, and use lots of empty rhetoric.
Unfortunately, all too often, these politicians rarely ascend to actual statesmen, and therefore, those involved as constituents, etc.
, eventually stop listening and truly fail to care or even pay attention to those in positions of leadership.
Empty rhetoric generally fails to satisfy in the long - term, and perhaps one of the principal reasons that so few trust or believe those that lead, is that it is such a rare event for meaningful accomplishments to take place.
Just right: If we come away from this discussion with only one central concept, it should be that there must be a balance between enough hyping to motivate and gain listeners, but that is accompanied by a well - considered action plan, that transforms the otherwise empty rhetoric, to valuable action, as well as a commitment to train and develop future leaders.
If you want to really lead, you must begin by realizing and committing to looking at the longer - term picture (and needs), as well as what presently needs to be addressed.
Only when our tendency to hype becomes a balanced one, is it just right and do what needs to get accomplished.
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