Weight Loss - Discover 3 Techniques to Break Your Food Cravings Habit

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Food cravings are probably one of the most common sources of why people find it so difficult to stay committed to their fitness and weight loss goals.
They begin with very good intentions and determination to succeed but, at some point the food cravings get the better of them and they revert back to their old eating habits.
This can result in feelings of guilt because they have failed.
To comfort themselves they crave more of the foods they need to avoid.
The best way to stop these cravings is to become more aware of the triggers that cause them and devise a strategy that can break these eating habits.
These triggers can be caused by our emotions as a result of feeling anxious, fearful or stressful.
In order to cope we revert to our old comforting behavior that triggers our cravings for food.
A common scenario is eating chocolate or ice cream after a long stressful day at work.
By identifying the cause of these emotions you can begin to use alternative healthier distractions to curb your cravings.
Use Treats As A Reward Ironically, you can increase the risk of giving into your food cravings by denying yourself the foods that are making you fat.
By removing them immediately will make you crave them even more.
The key is to use these treats as rewards.
For example, if you get through a couple of days without giving into your temptations then have a bar of chocolate as a reward.
What you are doing here is retraining your brain to associate your treats as a reward rather than a comforting food to lessen the pain of guilt.
However, you need to do this in moderation.
It is not wise to give yourself a treat every day.
Try and aim for a treat about once per week as this will give you something to aim for.
Get Moving Rather than sitting in front of the TV eating a big tub of ice cream use that time to do some healthy exercise.
Buy an exercise bike or a new pair of running shoes, do anything that will distract you from thinking about food.
Exercise has also another great benefit as it improves your mood and vitality.
Healthy Alternatives If you have the cravings for a creamy bun eat a banana instead.
Have a craving for a high fat vanilla milkshake with a white chocolate topping? Have a glass of pure water instead.
This will be tough at first but, it will soon become a habit that you will adapt.
To help you acquire this habit always bring a container of sliced fruit and a bottle of water with you when you are at work or exercising.
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