Why Fat Loss Diets Don"t Work

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If you decide to follow some famous diet, then you will be most likely told to avoid certain food, because otherwise it will make you fat.
Almost every diet is based on avoiding certain food.
In one diet you are told to avoid food that contains lot of fat in other one you are told to avoid eating protein or something else.
As I've been informed in scientific circles it is a closed issue.
Scientists do not do any further research on dieting for fat loss.
Why? Because they already know that diet won't help you.
Why? Because there is no food that makes you fat it is only about calories in and calories out.
This is the reason why prof.
Mark Haub from Kansas State College of Human Ecology decided to go on a "Twinkie diet" which consisted mostly of what you would call junk food.
He has lost about 27 pounds and proved to public that in fat loss what matters is quantity not quality of food you eat.
And by the quantity he meant calories of course.
If you haven't heard about him yet, just Google his name, you will find lots of information about his "diet".
Now I've got a test for you.
You can try something similar to prof Haub's twinkie diet, the only difference is that you can eat whatever you want.
The only thing you need to do is limit the amount of food.
What I want you to do is eat like that for three weeks.
If you don't lie to yourself about the calories you eat then I can guarantee you that you will lose fat.
Remember you can eat what ever you want.
Here's the actual experiment Write down how much you weight in the morning.
Take a picture of yourself.
Calculate your BMR index and eat about 400 kcal below it.
Do this for three weeks.
Write down how much you weight in the morning Take a picture of yourself.
Compare where you start vs.
where you are.
What are the results? I'm serious take this little experiment.
Once you see it, you will believe.
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