How to WIN BIG in 2006

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Let's take a look at the end result from a researcher who interviewed 1500 business school students and classified them in 2 categories: Those who were in it for the money -- 1245 of them -- and those who were going to use the degree to do something they cared deeply about -- of which was the other 255 people.
20 years later the researcher checked on the Graduates and found all but 1 of those 255 people, who had pursued what they loved to do, became millionaires.
The key that opens the doors of simplicity for you and your business "on all levels" is in mastering the art of caring deeply about the dynamics of your business, one piece at a time.
In his world famous book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey talks about the highest levels of communication.
(Some of the world's most brilliant business minds refer to as their bible) In this book he masterfully explains Empathetic Communication, where you seek to understand and then be understood.
Point being: If this level of communication has already been proven to be extremely explosive...
Then does it not...
"only naturally make logical sense" for you to communicate with your business on an Empathetic level? Let go of the money and step into "energy" or painting your personal Picasso with one simple stroke at a time.
Take massive baby steps that in the end are colossal steps into simplicity.
One of the most fundamental laws ever revealed by psychology is: That it is utterly impossible for any human mind, no matter how brilliant, to think of more than one thing at a time.
Point being: Yes, you have bills.
Yes, you have to eat dinner in 10 minutes.
Yes, someone in your family is not well.
Yes, your business is not doing well.
There are and always will be things going on.
BUT the name of the game for financial freedom to exist is for you to take "simple" action and really care about seeking to understand your business or craft better each and everyday day no matter what.
Care about seeking to understand one piece of your business better than you did when you awoke.
Sounds simple enough right? Right.
In Einstein's words, "If it's not simple then it is not real.
" As people, events, and more come hurdling your way (as they will)...
be mindful of never reacting or defending to anything for the sake of your business.
In other words, be emerged in what is truly real.
Never taking your eye off the ball as to understanding your craft better and better, one piece at a time.
If you except what is "not real" for what it's worth and except "the real" for what it's really worth then you will effortlessly and naturally build a very profitable business in 2006.
As in Dale Carnegie's amazing book: "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" he brings up this, Dante said, "This day will never dawn again.
Life is slipping away with incredible speed.
We are racing through space at the rate of nineteen miles every second.
Today is our most precious possession.
It is our only sure possession.
" One piece at a time places you immediately into this moment.
Thinking about money is the future.
The future and the past are never going to make you a dime.
Emerged into your personal craft "in the moment" is where energy, financial freedom, and your well deserved bliss reside.
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