Fat Reduction Weight Loss - Four Keys to Burning Body Fat

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Back in the old days, our ancestors had to store a little bit of fat to help them through the times that food was scarce.
Skinny people would starve to death and the people with a little bit of fat had a better chance of survival.
The fat storage genes worked so well, our ancestors passed them down to us.
The problem in today's society is that the majority of people that are storing fat on their bodies don't need it for survival.
They are victims of a society that lives to eat rather than eats to live.
Today's life styles don't require the daily physical exercise our ancestors got while gardening, cutting wood and other daily chores.
So, if you are one of the millions of people carrying around excess fat, what can you do?You can blame your family genes and continue to be at risk for a myriad of health problems or you can make some changes in your daily routine that will help you reduce your body fat.
Spread Out Your Eating...
Don't skip breakfast and eat heavy meals in the evening.
Your body loves to store fat and you make it a much easier job by slowing down your metabolism when you don't eat.
Studies have shown that eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day helps people reduce fat and lose weight.
It tricks your body into using the small portion of food immediately rather than saving it as fat.
Get Some Regular Exercise...
If you do not like to workout then just go for a long, slow walk.
Walks work because fat is a low-energy fuel and the body uses it for low-energy activities like slow walking.
The best time to go for a walk is just before dinner.
That will help reduce your appetite and speed up your metabolism.
Make Some Muscle...
When you start to restrict your calorie intake, you will lose muscle first.
You will end up with weakened muscles and lots of flab.
Weight training and resistance training help you lose fat by building muscle.
You can start building muscle in as little as 30 minutes twice a week by working out with free weights.
An added benefit of muscle is its ability to burn fat even when it is at rest! 4.
LowerYour Stress...
When your body gets stressed it produces two hormones - adrenaline and cortisol.
Adrenaline prepares the body to run away or attack and does so by sending fat into the bloodstream so it can be used for extra energy.
Since few of us actual use the fat created by adrenaline, it hangs around in our blood until cortisol takes it and pushes it to our abdominal region.
Do whatever you can to reduce stress in your life.
Try to relax every evening for about 15 minutes listening to some comforting music or in a soothing bath.
Avoid stressful situations as much as possible.
The hardest part of burning fat is changing old habits but if you can change these four areas of your life, you will make progress with fat reduction weight loss.
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