How Can I View My Wife"s Deleted Text Messages?

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Get inside her mind and you will be able to make her so hot she will ravish every inch your body.

Many ladies feel they can not say exactly what they would like in the bedroom. They feel embarrassed and too shy to reveal their deepest desires and passions.

Many men think women do not think about sex as much as men. They Do. The difference is, they do not want any sex, they want sex that sends shudders of electrifying pleasure rippling through their veins.

Sex which is slow, tantric, exciting and where her every need is fulfilled, not quick sex which leaves them underwhelmed and frustrated.

Dirty text messages is an ideal way to build up passion throughout the day.

Start off slowly, forget "Wham Bang Thank You Mam". "Remember all good things come to those who wait."

The best way to start dirty texting to your wife is to slowly build up the momentum through out the day or days.

Start off with something simple a question, " hey sexy, how is your day" if you are stuck for ideas imagine she is not your wife, imagine you are dating her before you got married.

What would you like to do to her. Describe in detail what you would like to do when you meet her. Slowly build up the excitement, each message she will be come more excited.

Let her imagine exactly what you will do when you meet. Encourage her participation. Texting will let her imagination run wild, allowing her to reveal her desires. Texting is is a great way to build up excitement.

Use faltering language through out your messages, she might not be as perfect as when you met her but there is no need to tell her that. Tell her how much you love her body and how you can't wait to touch her. If on the other hand you are not named on that account as a subscriber or the phone is not in your name, and you still wonder "how can I read my wife's text messages?" you have another possibility. If you are not at all familiar with your wife's cell phone, you will want to have a good look at it first. Find out the make and model of the phone. The next thing you do is go to a cellular phone store that sells the same make and model.

Talk to a customer service representative about the phone. You don't have to ask "how can I read my wife's text messages?". All you need to ask is how the messages are sent and received on that phone and where they are located. Find out how to retrieve the history on the phone. Some phones have a place where even deleted messages can be retrieved.
How to get my wife's text messages off her phone? is a question many husbands who are suspecting that their wives are having an affair are asking. The obvious answer to this question is to get your wife's cell phone when she is away or not looking and then read the text messages in there. Of course, this is a very difficult task to perform, one that would require great spying skills on your part. It is also very risky.
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