Don"t Let Life Just Pass - Enjoy It!

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The next time you're in a supermarket, or on a subway or in a large group, take a look around.
How many of the people around you look like they're really enjoying life.
How many look enthusiastic and full of joy? I'm willing to bet that it's not many.
Most are probably rushing to work or home from work, and don't have time to worry about enjoying life.
They're too busy.
But you should make time to enjoy life.
You should do things you really enjoy every day.
Optimism and enthusiasm are two of the major traits of people who enjoy life.
Enthusiasm is, in fact, critical for a full life, and if you've got enthusiasm you will also have an optimistic outlook.
Both can make a big difference in your life, and both are needed to really enjoy it.
An enthusiastic outlook is not something you are born with.
You have to have the right attitude for it, and it will only happen if you let it happen.
Do you wake up in the morning full of zeal -- raring to go and looking forward to the day.
Or do you drag yourself out of bed dreading what is ahead, grabbing a quick breakfast and heading for a job you hate? If so, you need to develop enthusiasm and the best way to do this is cultivate a love of living, a love for people, and a love of beauty.
Tell yourself you're going to be enthusiastic and believe it.
Then act enthusiastic.
A friend of mine has enthusiasm written all over him.
Every time I see him he's smiling and cheerful.
One day he said to me, "I've been retired for almost ten years now, and I've had a ball every since the day I retired.
" I laughed, but I was sure it was true.
All people should get this much joy out of life.
One of the things needed to enjoy life, particularly as you get older, is keeping busy.
Keeping busy and not being bored is one of the keys to a happy life.
And indeed there are so many things to do with your free time -- you never need to get bored.
Below I give a list of things that should help you enjoy life more.
Enjoy the Little things Everything you try to do for enjoyment doesn't have to be a big event: a vacation at a famous resort, a fishing trip to Alaska, a cruise in the Caribbean, or sky diving.
They're all great, but you can only do them once in a while (if you're lucky).
It's the little things that really count; they're the things that keep your enthusiasm up and give you a feeling of joy every day, and they are easy to come by.
The old saying, " Stop and smell the roses" may be worn out, but it's still worth thinking about.
By little things I mean things like enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning -- in particular, leaning back, savoring the taste and smell, and really enjoying it.
Also, enjoying the morning sunlight streaming in through the window, enjoying beautiful sunsets, and a walk down the garden path.
Nature always makes you feel good and melts away stress.
So enjoy the view of snow on a distant mountain, or just a drive or walk in the country.
Enjoy the People Around You People are critical for enjoyment.
Surround yourself with positive, enthusiastic people; enthusiasm and joy are contagious, so talk and laugh with them.
Enjoy a night out with your spouse.
Play with your kids (play games with them).
And pets also bring a lot of joy into your life.
People are usually the happiest when they're around other people -- particularly, optimistic, enthusiastic people (in fact, it's a good idea to avoid pessimistic, negative people.
Some of it may rub off on you).
Make Up an "Enjoyment" List One of the best ways to get enjoyment out of life is to make up a list of the things you really enjoy doing.
Then read through them and think about them.
How many of them have you done lately? Probably very few.
Why? Not enough time? Make time.
In fact you should make up two lists.
The first should be a list of everything you love to do, and the second should be a more specific list of when you will do these things.
Can't think of anything? When was the last time you went dancing, biking, fishing, skiing, big game hunting, golfing, playing tennis or mountain climbing? I'm sure you can come up with a good list.
(The rest of the things in my list may give you some ideas.
) 4.
Learn Something New Learning, happiness and satisfaction with life all go hand in hand.
People are never bored when they're learning something new.
You could take a course at night school, or just read a "how-to" book.
A few suggestions are:
  • Learn to write.
    Begin by writing in a journal or dairy.
    Then after you gain some confidence, try submitting articles to magazines.
    You may surprise yourself.
  • Write poetry.
    Poetry isn't a big seller, but millions of people enjoy writing it.
  • Learn to use the computer if you don't already know how (this won't apply to many young people).
    If you already use the computer develop a blog.
  • Learn to cook.
    Try out new recipes.
Learn to Sing or Play a Musical Instrument Music plays such a large role in our lives.
They say there are people who do not enjoy music, but I find it hard to believe.
Just listening to music can bring a lot of joy into your life.
But there is so much more you can do.
Singing makes everyone feel good.
Maybe the only singing you do is in the shower, but the opportunities for singing in public are much greater today than they were a few years ago, and the reason is karaoke.
And you don't have to be a particularly good singer.
Furthermore, as you sing more and more you'll find that your singing will improve significantly.
Karaoke groups are active in every city and town across America -- in cafes, recreation centers, churches and so on.
Another thing that will likely bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy is learning to play a musical instrument.
You may have taken piano lessons when you were young, and forgotten most of what you learned, Now is the time to begin again amd really learn it.
Or maybe you would prefer the guitar.
The important thing is to enjoy it (don't worry about becoming a professional).
But it's equally important not to become discouraged -- keep at it 6.
Try a New Hobby A new hobby is a great way to spend your spare time, and it will likely bring you a lot of enjoyment.
The list of hobbies is endless.
Photography is particularly enjoyable, and it has become easier and cheaper with digital cameras (you don't have to worry about wasting a lot of film).
And there are the old standbys: stamp and coin collecting.
Gardening is another hobby enjoyed by millions of people, and it has a dividend -- fresh vegetables.
Others are bird-watching, restoring old cars, amateur astronomy, beadwork, jewelry making, model trains, and model planes, to name just a few.
Limit Your Time Watching TV I love certain programs on TV as much as anyone, but sitting in front of the TV night after night and on weekends, watching everything that comes on is merely letting life pass.
You're spending all your time watching other people's lives, and even though they might be exciting lives, you're not living them.
You're just watching.
What you want is to "live" life, not just watch it pass.
You want to enjoy life.
Everyone loves certain programs -- sports events and so on -- and there's no problem with that.
The problem is becoming a "couch potato" in front of the TV.
Take "Enjoyment" Breaks It's a good idea every so often to take a break and do something you really like to do.
This is particularly important if work takes up much of your time.
These breaks can be relatively short: 15 or 20 minutes, or up to an hour.
If you're an avid photographer, for example, you could take your camera to work and take a few minutes at lunch to take some photos.
There are, in fact, a lot of things you could do over the lunch hour: take a quick swim at a nearby pool, visit a nearby art gallery or museum.
Or you could just go shopping, if that's what you enjoy the most.
Make Time for Laughter Laughter always makes you feel good.
When you're laughing, you're enjoying life.
Furthermore, it relieves stress, and makes you happy.
If you surround yourself with happy, enthusiastic, optimistic people, you'll likely do a lot of laughing as you talk to them.
You can also get laughter from reading humorous books, watching TV or humorous videos or CDs.
The important thing is to bring as much laughter into your life as possible.
Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy You can't enjoy life if you have aches and pains, or can't get around easily.
The three things you need in the proper amount to keep your body working well are;
  • Exercise.
    You should exercise every day, and make sure you do both aerobic and weights.
    Aerobics keep your lungs and heart in shape, while weights keep you muscles in shape.
    Stretching is also important.
  • Sleep.
    You need at least 7 hours (some people need 8) of sleep each night.
    Keeping a regular sleep schedule (the same bedtime and rise times) helps you sleep better.
  • Nutrition.
    Make sure you get the proper vitamins, minerals and so on.
    Vegetables, fruit and whole grain are particularly important.
Consider Stopping Things You Don't Enjoy Are there things that you do, but don't enjoy doing? I'm not talking about yardwork or chores; most people don't care for them, but if you've got a yard they're something you have to do.
Also I'm not talking about going to school.
But maybe your job gives you little enjoyment.
If possible, make changes so that you enjoy it more.
Enjoy the people at work.
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