Improve Thyself: How To Grow And Expand Yourself

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There, that's the entire article.
You want more? Fine! There are too many people are living the saying: 'ignorance is bliss', even if they aren't conscious of it.
How many times have you heard the phrase 'if there is a problem, I don't want to know about it'? This is a classic example of someone choosing to remain ignorant to preserve their state of mind.
I agree that our conscious would be clearer if we didn't know about the starving children in third world countries, or the crimes that are occurring just around the street but we are adults but we are adults.
If we are to live in a state of ignorance and denial, we are worse than babies because at least babies choose to grow and learn.
If we choose to remain in a state of ignorance and denial, the world will soon swallow us up like millions of organism who failed to adapt to life on earth.
In order to improve your life, you must gain knowledge and to gain knowledge you must gain awareness.
You must become aware of the possible life choices you can make.
You must become aware of the alternative paths you can walk and you must be aware of how you can expand yourself.
Many of us stay in menial jobs because we do not know what would happen if we leave the job therefore we fear the loss of our job.
However, if we take a moment to think, to expand our awareness, we would realise that there are so many alternate jobs out there that are better than out position at the moment.
You may require better qualification to do them but what's stopping you from learning? First expand your awareness.
Then find your path to improvement.
Finally, walk along that path.
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